Coming to you live from Michigan…

…Its weekend recap.

I had an excellent weekend, too short and almost felt a little unproductive but it was super fun. The house is coming along but we still have so much to do. We are taking lowes gift certificates now! LOL

Friday was quiet, mi Cielo and I had a nice dinner and were just tired from the whole week… plus we knew that Saturday would be busy, we had cleaning to do at the old place but plans changed just a bit. As we got ready to go take care of business I got a call for technical support. Not from work but from someone who I had just helped with their computer. So most of Saturday got taken up but the computer problem was solved and I made a little cash. Cielo got to go do a little shopping in the mean time so she could get ready for the party… now everyone is going like what party… LOL

Saturday night we had the company party, not holiday but kind of… it had changed a little bit from last year. It was hosted at a theater newly renovated. They had dinner theater for us, my first experience with it, and I am still not sure if I liked it or not. It was free dinner and open bar so no room to really complain. Then we got to go out and meet some friends afterwards for a couple of drinks and we had a blast.

Sunday we got our little bundle of joy back and went to breakfast at … you can see his picture up (love the hairdo dude). Then a trip to lowes to make us feel like we need to be rich because we want so much stuff. What is up with that store it is surpassing the electronics store as my place to window shop… I think I am growing up.

We then finished the afternoon with a movie, went to see Meet the Fockers. I need to catch up on my movie reviews, so I will talk about it some time soon. Then went back to the house for some catch up on housework. I got a TV working on the Bedroom so now we have TiVo there too. And then we were just exhausted and dreading Monday once again. So what happened to you guys this weekend?

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  1. Long time, no comments…just stopping by to say howdy and make sure all is well. Sounds like it is…glad to hear it, man!

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