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I have always personalized my desk somehow, but the fun thing is that now I have a pretty decent collection of desk toys. Cielo made it grow this past Christmas but in the middle of moving it took me a while to get them to work. Both of the new additions were fragile and I wanted to make sure they got here safe.

All the toys are somewhat special to me, they might be small but they mean tons to me. They are little reminders of how life is supposed to be fun and also how I am not a grown up I am just a child stuck in adulthood.

Cielo got me a hand boiler. The thing is just amazing, and a very cool toy. If you hold it the warmth of your body makes the liquid inside rise up the little swirl, hold it long enough and it will actually appears to boil. I have always wanted a novelty toy like this one but I never would just go and buy one. Without knowing she bought me something I really wanted.

She also got me another dragon. I love dragons, enough to have a tattoo of one on my left upper arm. This one is holding guard of a treasure and has a very cool body and wing color. It is very detailed and I love it.

Then we have the gundam, which was gift from Ty. I am a huge mech fan and always wanted one for my desk too. He gave it to me while we were… and no I did not take it from him I swear, he gave it to me, LOL

The other dragon is a replacement, one of my coworkers borrowed a book from me and when he put it back he decimated my first dragon. He felt bad that he broke it and he got me a new one.

Last but not least, someone most likely a kid left little dinosaur from Toy Story on the parking lot at my apartment complex. I watched sit there for days waiting for the owner that had dropped it to pick it up again. I did not want him to become a lost toy. Eventually I felt bad and my desk became its new home.

So what do you have on your desk to personalize it? Do you have any toys?

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  1. Mostly I have photos. Lots and lots of photos. Since I spend more time at work it seems than with my family. I love to surround myself with picutres. Toys? Well I love that white out tape and consider that a functional toy? I have a heavy silver magic wand with a star on top that some one gave me when I got married as a silly gift. Handcream, Bliztex, a candle that smells nice that I cannot light, some funky magnets etc. Not really toys but little bits of me and little bits of comfort and home.

  2. Oooo I love dragons too! :) That will be my tattoo of choice when I’m ready for it. Our office has a medieval theme to it and we are slowly getting the collection started. As for toys, I have Boxer dog stuff and Eeyore stuff. Doesn’t really match swords and dragons does it? LOL

  3. Sounds like a cool collection! What’s on my desk? Hmmmm…a gazing ball on a cherub holder, a large candle holder, 2 smaller ones, an angel, candle snuffer, a pic and a glass rectangle with my zodiac sign it. Daughter just got me that for my birthday.

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