Funny Search Strings

People type the weirdest things on search engines, sometimes they are funny… but what makes it even more amusing is when a computer puts a search string together that ends up pointing people to my site. Here are some of the funniest ones I have found.

william hung quotes Did that guy actually said anything besides She Bangs
youth coping with todays crisis illustration Someone has never used a search engine before
latin movies teathers Do they exist?
breakfast recepy for low cholesterol You all know this would not make it in my blog.
guy pictures on how to hump woman I do not ever want to meet the person that searched for this
t shirt i love italian boys mario brothers Nintendo fan???
midland michigan witches Dam a wiccan covenant and I am not even a member, LMAO
weight trainning for kids in there teens Trainer trying to reach a wider audience?
bears hybernate This made me laugh, but then I thought it might just be a youngster
discombabulated definition amusing because I misspelled it, then they come here for a definition DUH
comic haircut wonder if they eventually found something
plugged toilet embarrasing moments They probably read half of my blog and never found the story
what makes a good foreing teacher I can tell you what makes a bad one
action figure llcoolj There is one, LMAO
clay mation motorcycle My brain is working on this one.
fotos of people first time play tennis How old is tennis
productive ways to deal with anger Reading this blog might cause anger… I can see a disclaimer comming
leathal weapon ron jeremy I am still laughing about this one

Now that are several iterations of threesome, there is a meme I used to do called the Thursday Threesome, but I have never posted anything about threesomes on my site. Yet every month at least 20 string searches I am sure there are plenty of dissapointed people LMAO.

Now for some of the searches people did that I do have a quick answer to.

Veritas – Aequitas from the movie Boondock Saints means Truth and Justice. The word Justice is not being translated literally.

The Hogwarts Motto from the Harry Potter book series translates. “Never tickle a sleeping dragon.”

Everything I know about Thomas (Tommy) Tranchin is posted here.

And don’t forget that my navigation bar has categories and a search box; so if you are looking for a movie review or anything just use those tools.

… Now the fun part… Can you come up with better comments on any of those search strings? Or if you have a site of your own and access to your search strings, what are some of the funniest ones? Post up!

3 comments on “Funny Search Strings

  1. omg!! you and i think so much alike, logtar!! this was supposed to be scheduled as one of my future posts!! we have the same idea!! lol, there are definitely weirdos out there using the search engines and somehow landed in our blogs.. i was definitely laughing with “how to hump a woman” one.. i think that guy must be desperate.. ever tried a dating service, you know?? lol

    but anyway, this is soooo cool! now you’ve urged me to actually compose my own “search strings”! the idea has been in my head for a long time now… but i never got around to it.. đŸ˜‰

  2. how do you find out people type that in? it’s still funny. I like the leathel weapon – ron jeremy.

    It’s funny!

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