Weekend and Pets recap

I am so very sorry to have forgotten to mention Ty’s (Cielo’s son) fish Joey. He has two goldfish and has only named one. I also forgot to mention our new Betta :) … I will soon have a lot of pictures up, maybe go totally nuts and do a page about my pets. I did one for my computer so why not :)

The weekend was excellent, even though we are still unpacking and finding places for things we got to relax a little and even take a walk around the neighborhood. Friday I cannot remember too much except having a couple of drinks and watching stand up on Comedy Central, which was a blast. Saturday started with some much needed cleaning. Ty had a friend come over and pick him up for a play date, and when he was dropped off we were going to take both of them bowling, but Leagues had started already and they did not seem to excited about it anymore after they found my Dreamcast game collection. Then the grown-ups had a little play date with Cielo’s parents and sister. We played Eucher which I sucked at worse than the first time, but I will eventually get better.

Sunday was relaxing, we got to walk around the block which we had not done before. It was not the walk we were expecting since the temperatures outside felt about 10 below. But we do have a nice park about a block away with Soccer, Basketball, Sandbox and the jungle gym works. Then Sunday night we watched movies and relaxed. (Newsflash)A little sneak peak at the engagement ring was just uploaded ;). Watched Oceans 11 and Troy. So how was your weekend?


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  1. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I wish the weather had been warmer for you. Mine was relaxing as well. I had a completely all girl afternoon window shopping at the mall and having lunch with a friend Sunday. Adam and I relaxed on Saturday and basically we played weekend bum around the housers! I am starting to get too excitied for cruise which is still 7 weeks away but we all know how time flies. Glad this week is a short one.

  2. Hey there bud! Back in Houston… time 4 school. Happy MLK day!!
    Glad u had a good weekend. 😀 It’s a nice thing when life finally slows
    down a little, eh? One of these days, Kris and I will be there too.

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