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I am an animal lover, and during my life I have had a multitude of pets. I was just having a conversation with Cielo about it and I thought it would be a perfect thing to post about. I think most people have or had pets in the past and even those that have left us can still bring a smile.

One of the first pets I can remember as a child was a dog, his name was Mitsiu and he was a crazy little mutt. He had non-stop energy that used to drive my Mom crazy. I also had other dogs during my childhood but the one I can remember the most is Duchess. She was a Rott and the most loving dog I have ever had. She was very protective of me even from my own family, extremely playful and full of energy. We could not bring her to the US because of the money and time involved with bringing a pet from foreign soil. She went to a very good home. I used to work at a Bakery right before we moved to the US and she went to live at the Baker’s home, he used to see the dog on a regular basis with me and loved it.

Now I have 3 cats Shayla, Damian and Cricket. They just came together a couple of weeks ago Cielo having Damian and Cricket before and I having Shayla. They got along pretty good until a couple of days ago, now Shayla and Damian have been going at it, but they seemed calmer yesterday. Shayla is the first cat I have ever had, my Mom was not a fan of them. In some senses I like cats better than dogs, but they both have their pros and cons I guess :) Dog lover turned Cat lover… but at the end it all depends on the individual pet. Damian is the oldest but he has some spunk left. Until a couple of days I thought he was just the coolest cat around, he likes everyone and loves to lay on your lap. I know you have all seen how fights between animals are represented in cartoons, well reality is not far from that because the time that I saw Damian and Shayla going at it, it looked exactly like that. A could of smoke with limbs flying all over. It was funny to see; hopefully soon they will be just sleeping right next to each other.

I also have fish now, they are Cielo’s but hey I can claim them now too ;). She has 2 convicts and 2 electric cichlids. An not to forget Harley the Pl*co that was featured in the moblog a couple of days ago. I have kept fish through most of my life as well as working at a pet store that specialized on fish. I have kept Angels, Gold Fish, Guppies, Mollies, Gouramies, Danios, Neons and Corys. I am looking forward to building a little hatchery in our basement and having a couple of big display tanks in the near future.

Surprisingly enough I have not had many birds, I did have a little one growing up that was with us for over 10 years. The bird seemed happy and used to sing all the time. But birds for the most part do not look too happy in cages and in retrospective I am not sure that it is a good idea to keep birds. Wow, I am not even sure I ever want to have birds again. Well maybe a parrot :)

I am reptile clueless, I had a turtle once but the thing used to bury itself in the backyard for weeks at a time and just come out once in a while. Lizards and snakes are popular pets here in the States but back in Colombia you see them so often in the while that is like trying to make a pet out of a squirrel here. I would not mind having some lizards in the house.

I did not have all kinds of rodents but did have probably about 5 hamsters. I don’t remember their names anymore but they were ok pets. It is hard to bond with them because they are nocturnal so they pretty much just keep you awake at night and when you want to see them they are deep in their dreams.

Last but not least are my insects. I do not keep insects anymore but I used to make my own ant farms growing up. I used to put them in jars with durt and watch them make tunnels and such. My Mom thought for sure that I would be a veterinarian… who knows maybe some day I will.

So what pets do you have now… what pets can you remember from when you were growing up?

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  1. At present I have 4 female bettas, one male betta, one male swordtail and a small school of neon tretras (plus the usual pleco in each tank and a couple of catfish). I’m not allowed to have furry or feathered pets here.

    Before I met Mr. Man I had a cat, Vato Gato. He was my boy! He was a tuxedo cat and huge! I loved him like nobody’s business. Then I met Mr. Man and he was severly allergic, so allergic that meds wouldn’t help so I had to adopt Vato out. It was funny, when I told my Mom that Mr. Man was allergic she told me, “Well, I guess it’s time for him to go.” I said, “Aww, Ma – I don’t want to get rid of Vato.” And she said, “No, not Vato, I mean Mr. Man!” LMAO I miss him still and when Mr. Man misbehaves I wonder if I kept the right guy.

    I’ve had other pets but it would be too much to put in the comments. I’ll post about it … maybe. Thanks for the memories. :)

  2. I’m a cat person. I’ve never owned a dog because a) my mother has a fear of dogs, and b) now I live in an apartment. I used to work in an animal shelter though, and many times I almost brought a dog home. My first cat I got when I was four. Her name was Calico, since she was a very pretty calico coloured cat. She was a big cat, having been born a barn cat, but she was very much my cat. When she had her first and only litter of kittens, she wouldn’t let me leave the room. We kept the runt, and he stayed with my grandmother until she died. He got to be 21 pounds and diabetic, but he was the best personality ever. He kept my grandma young. I’ve had five rabbits, one of which was a german giant angora who, when stretched out on his belly, would measure about three feet. two of them were dwarf bunnies. I’ve had 2 rats. 1 guinea pig, an iguana who got waay to big for us to handle and about 5 more cats all told. I’m down to two cats at the moment and they run my life. They even have their own web page… I love them to bits. All of these critters have touched my life.

    Thanks for making me think of them all.

  3. Lol. I’d say, but u know all about my pets John lol. I actually have a page all about them, but I think you’ve been therefore. If not, c’mon by.

  4. my gosh!! i wouldn’t be surprised if you own a zoo of domestic animals!! 😉

    anyway, of course, birds don’t look too happy when they’re in cages.. but if you “transform” the cage (preferably a big one) into a tree-like background with the works (food, water, swings, little toys), then it’s not so bad.. my birds sing all the time because they’re happy… and i just had 10 parakeets.. we had to give them away, because they were making loads of noise!

  5. I only had a long haired hamster “Wiskers” growing up, my parents never wanted the chaos and responsibility of a dog. Maybe we had a few fish here and there.

    Now I have a 5 year old lab mix that has been part of our family for 4.5 years. I cannot imgine life without her. I have grown and changed for the better having her as part of our life and family. Sure as shit she drives me bonkers at times, but the love I feel for her, the connection is NOTHING I could have even imagined. Pets rock the world and keep us all saner.

  6. I have a couple of very elderly cats and some love birds. My kids wanted all sorts but i never gave in, apart from the cats but now my daughter has rats and turtles and is getting a snake, told her to find a new baby sitter!

  7. We used to have “kwartels” (I don’t know what it’s called in English), goldfish, but at the moment it’s just two dogs. More than enough for me 😉

  8. I’ve had lots of pets. Currently, two cats, two parrots and a tank full of saltwater fish. It does get a little crazy around here sometimes, particularly the cats and birds. One of the birds is a cockatoo and the other an african grey. It was getting so expensive, I opened an internet store selling pet supplies! We also support a parrot rescue organization. Like to hear from people about getting parrots and cats to get along. Thanks

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