Feliz Birthday to my Blog

So my blog turns 1 year old yesterday and I don’t even celebrate, well I think we can celebrate today right :)

I have had a personal website since 1997 when the first iteration of my site was born. I believe that one is not in existent anymore. I used to go by the Devil_Paco handle back then and only a handful of people know the history behind that. I then had a geocities account until 2003 when I bought my first domain some time in December that year.

I had put up a couple of blogs on the free sites but just did not like what they offered, they lacked something. Then I found a blog that really changed the way I looked at personal sites and blogs in general. I almost forgot to thank the author but I did not. My blog then developed into what it is now. At first there was tons of memes and just rambling, then I started to write reviews from books and movies. My favorite category has to be culture where I think most of the best writing has happened. I have improved my writing with tons of help, and even thought it is not the best I think it does amuse a couple of people :)

Other highlights of the year are my most commented post, closely followed by one of the most touching posts. And of course one of the most visited the only recipe I have posted! I hope all of you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. May the force be with you and lets keep on blogging :)

11 comments on “Feliz Birthday to my Blog

  1. Happy birthday blogtar, happy birthday blogtar, happy birthday dear logtar’s blog, happy birthday to you. :) Congrats!

    (P.S.: You posted a recipe!!!)

  2. congrats to your blog!! it’s the same for me too. you have no idea how many “blog” websites i went to and other personal websites i’ve tried to build.. and they all lack something.. i’m glad i’ve found my place! :) happy b-day indeed to your blog! now cut us the cake! 😀

  3. Por variar: Tanti auguri a te
    Tanti auguri a te
    Tanti auguri Blog di Logtar, tanti auguri a te.
    (s, los italianos no son muy imaginativos)

  4. Happy Birthday blog!!! To be honest i actually thought that it had been around for some time already (what with it looking so polished and all)… If thats not the case then – WOW! GREAT JOB! :)

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