Friday Night is Dart Night.

I got some beef, with the Michiganders. Granted, is winter, and is cold but come on people we are humans, not bears that need to hybernate. How did you like that run on. Well at least I have Darts on Friday to look forward to. Every Friday we go out and play darts with mostly coworkers. I still suck, but there is hope. I might some day be actually decent. I am actually about to go at lunch and buy some new darts.

Happy event of the day, is me finding out that Los Cuatro Amigos, Mexican Restautan just open today. It is about a couple of blocks from work. For most people in major cities, this is no biggie. But Saginaw Michigan is lacking some good Mexican food. And I have eaten at another restaurant in Bay City(part of the try cities Midland, Sagina, and Bay City) by the same name and they are good. I do not mean good as in eatable… I mean comparable to the best ones I have eaten in Chicago and home cooked meals I have had by actual Mexican friends. So now this means that I will actually have a lunch place that I can look forward to.

Moving on, extending my geekhood has now taken the turn of renting movies online. I have bee thinking about it for quite some time, 20 bucks for netflix is still 20 bucks. So I will do the free trial to see how it works and then decide if it is worth the 20 bucks. I might not have the time to watch that many movies and if I just keep 3 for 2 mothsn, that means that I paid like 12 dollars to rent 3 movies. We’ll see.

Now that I think about it 20 is my magic I care number. 15 bucks I would not think all that much about spendig, but 20 hurts. Like if a friend borrows 20, I will probably remember, but bellow that is not a huge deal. Granted, you will not be able to get 15 bucks out of me unless you are a good friend, but 20 seems to be a magic number.

Meeting people online

Well, this topic has changed so much in recent years. If you would have asked me the question, would you meet someone from an online chatroom or message board?, two years ago, I would have been like, are you crazy? But now things have dramatically changed. There was a point where I decided that only people that I knew personally could have access to my buddy list on the messengers. I had blocked all other messages other than the people I had on my list. Back then 50% of the messages I was getting on ICQ were spam, that was one of the reasons to lock my messengers persay.

Now with the communities that I am a part of, this whole question takes on a new meaning Chicagolandsportbikes, Laneros, SSBC are all places I visit quite often. And thru those message boards I have met some people that I now call friends. I guess destiny had some to do with it. The first time I decided to meet some of the people was a motorcycle group ride. I showed up and the people seemed cool enough. Their internet personas, were more or less their real personality. We were chatting before the kicks stand up, and then people are like, hey there comes Chris. I was not supposed to have met any of this people before or so I tought. Then Chris takes off his helmet, and what do you know, of my my College buddies best friend shows up. I guess this made me a lot less reluctant to meeting people from the internet.

I am also lucky enough to be never have really used a dating service online. But I do know a couple of people that have with positive results. So is the internet the new place to meet people? is it more effective? Well, I think it is. It is easier to find people with common interests, and well 50% of the people that I know in Michigan now, I met thru either a motorcycle board, or a gaming board.

In the past I have met a group of car tuning people just by bumping into their little personal website. Later finding out that they were into martial arts, and had a whole group name GrandmasDen. Then in a professional level, I got to meet some translator from ProzDotCom a site I am a member of, and I ended up setting up a PoWwow. So I got to meet a lot of cool people that without the internet I might have never crossed paths with.

The latest story I think is the coolest. I am playing my current addiction gunbound which is a global game. People from Singapure, Korea, Brazil and China are the ones that I encounter more often. Well, during a game that was going to the crapper due to slow connections, everyone started asking, where are you guys from. A guy answers USA, not uncommon, the I go and say Michigan. The guy goes on to say, where, I am like Midland. He is like YOU LIE. after the lmao, we moved on to where in town. We live only about 10 blocks from each other. Isn’t that crazy. It is just weird, call it destiny, call it luck, but making friends online is now pretty cool.

How could I forget

One of the things that drove me to start this blog was a little community called Phirebrush. I am not a part of it by any means, I don’t have enough artistic knowledge to compete with those guys, which I consider not only talented but inspiring. The sadest thing about the story about me finding that little community is that one of its members is no longer with us. Sarah Ruble(Violet) was not only an artist, but she was a daugther, a fiance and a friend to many. I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet her. I hope she is in a better place. :(

I promised myself that once I got this blog going, I would make sure to mention one of the factors that drove me here. Kriegs Blog was so profound, and so open that I decided that I could also start mine. I have tons of ideas and past experiences to share, and if some of those help just one person along the way… then making and maintaining this blog is worth it. Thanks Violet and thanks Kriegs.

Is it Tuesday already

Wow, this week will fly by. Work is super busy as usual, but that is cool because it makes the day fly.

Yesterday a new season of American Idols started. I never watched the first season, but I did watch the second one. In any case, I love watching the begining of that show because of all the people making asses of themselves. You might say, what a heartless SOB making fun of people for their dreams. But I say, come on, don’t any of this people have family and friends that tell them how horrible they are before they make a fool of themselves on national television. It is probably due to the current attitude that you can be anything you want. Reality check, I cannot be anything I want, because we all have different qualities, I know I could not dunk over Michael Jordan. In any case, Scooter girl craked me up. She has to be on something and is not a natural high from running around in her scooter. I am glad she made it. But the Logtar award goes to Skat girl, that grand finale was priceless.

[Rant on]A little beef with some gunbound player, better yet, any online player that has a crappy computer. I do not think that you should be deprived of the enjoyment of any game if you have a slow computer, heck, I had my limitations at before. Now what really ticks me off, is that most games now a days have the option of turning down the graphics which makes the game run a lot smoother. So if you have a slow computer that can barely run the game, why do you have the graphics all the way up? that is just beyond my comprenhension. Killing the gameplay makes the game less fun, the pretty graphics will not make you win if the game crashes. [Rant off]

Now back to my microcosmos, I put some more pics from Jim’s baby up. Check the out here.