“If we begin with certainties, we shall end in doubts; but if we begin with
doubts, and we are patient in them, we shall end in certainties.”
— Sir Francis Bacon

Webster defines the word doubt as to lack confidence in, distrust, to consider unlikely. Doubt seems to be such a negative thing when looked at it from just a definition standpoint. But is doubt really all that bad. I think doubt has potential to be bad, but it also has the potential to be good.

When entering situations in life it is always to be cautious. To have doubt is not a bad thing, to be doubtful in the other had can be disastrous. I think with doubt comes caution, a smart thing when entering new situations.

The quote posted today talks about the subject in a positive way. Even though it comes at the subject from the confidence side, I think it addresses doubt positively instead of confidence negatively. What do you think? Is doubt a factor in your life?

2 comments on “Doubt

  1. Very few things are for certain in life on earth. I think many things we should approach with cautious, if we are doing it in our own power/will/strength. I personally trust in God, and when I do things that I believe that He wants me to do, I don’t have to be afraid of what the outcome is going to be. I also shouldn’t doubt because I have a All Powerful, All Knowing, All Seeing participant involved and overseeing the situation and my life that will work all things to my good.

  2. This may not be thought of as positive by some people but I have always subscribed to the notion that “the moment of absolute certainty never arrives” I suppose I believe that the opposite of certainty isn’t doubt but uncertainty. Doubt is a lack of confidence while uncertainty is the absence of absolute knowledge.

    I’ve always thought that life is pretty much a crapshoot >>something that has an unpredictable outcome>> a roll of the dice, if you will. I have learned that no matter how positive or confident I am, things can take some pretty bizarre twists.

    Good Gosh, Lil Bro — you actually made me use my noggin today. Ouch, that hurt. LOL (((logtar)))

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