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I should have made it a little clearer… that you had until I posted … maybe next time.

From Chaos,

1. Have you started/ finished Christmas shopping already?

I have only bought one present so far… lots more to do.

2. How much would you guess / know have you / or will you spend on Christmas this year?

Guessing around 500.

3. What is the most expensive Christmas present you have ever bought someone, and who was it for?

This one is a *secret*

From Newper

Question #1: What is the largest U.S. city that is not located on a navigable waterway?

I was going to just google this, but I guess I should just guess (Los Angeles) I never been there but I am guessing the City itself does not have any navigable waterway.

Question #2: What is the wierdest pizza you’ve ever eaten?

Mexican Pizza, first in Cancun and recently Here in Michigan.

Question #3: Using only 80s & 90s sitcom characters, tell me your ideal father, mother, sister, brother, and pet.

Mom, Mrs Huxtable, Dad, Dan Connor (Roseanne), Sister, The girl from Growing Pains, Brother, Fez from that 70’s show, Pet, Buddy from Married with Children.

Khali says… (I’ll try to be good, lol)

1) Name at least three books that you want to read, or think you should read

Right now I want to read the entire Dean Koontz collection as well as I Robot.

2) I’ve seen you writing poetry. Is this a new genre for you? If so do you think you will continue? Do you read poetry?

I love Poetry; always think that art is the best way to express yourself. I have read poetry since I was little and love Neruda, my favorite Poet. I have written some stuff before, but nothing as real to me as to what I have written for mi Cielo.

3) Describe one vivid childhood memory.

This is hard; I do not remember much of my Childhood. I do remember playing with some plastic toys, I think it was a tiny white tiger figurine… might have been some kind of cartoon character and keeping it on a birdcage. Not sure what was going on there.

Michelle Asked

1. If you could tell any person in your life (past or present; living or deceased) something that you have wanted to say but never did or have not yet what would it be.?

I am a pretty outspoken person, and also honest with my feelings. Besides telling all my loved ones that I love then I am not really sure… now that I just wrote that I remember my friend Rafael that committed suicide right before Senior year, I would like to ask him why…?

2. Any chance you will ever make the font of your comments bigger so I can read it?

Nope 😛 … maybe when I redesign my page I might.

3. What is your favorite thing about women (in general)

My favorite thing about women is their ability to think in terms of feelings. Something Man can do but not naturally I think.

Mary Asked

1. What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended and why?

Only been to one concert believe it or not. And it was when I was a child… I do not think it was the best. I have seen bands on small venues. And also in summer fests… but nothing in a big concert… nothing that has really impressed me yet.

2. What country would you like to visit on your next vacation, but have never visited in your life?

Spain, Barcelona to be exact.

3. Do you still have your wisdom teeth, or are they long gone?

I got them :)

April Asked…

1. Intelligence or Beauty?


2. Strength or Endurance?


3. Health or Stealth?


It was fun playing… I hope you have fun reading… comments are welcome.

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