3 Questions Reloaded

Back in April I played a little game here in the blog called 3 questions, which I answered here. There are a lot of new people that read the blog… and I am sure that they have some questions… plus some other ones missed the deadline before. So here is your chance…

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions apiece, no more no less.

You may ask me anything.

Then to go to your journal or weblog, and copy and paste this allowing others (including myself) to ask you anything. Please do a trackback ping so I’ll know that you copied it. (If you don’t have a weblog you can still participate).

Answers will be given in a follow-up post. (Giving a 1 day deadline)

9 comments on “3 Questions Reloaded

  1. Wow any three questions huh?
    My Questions are going to be Christmas related….. lol

    1. Have you started/ finished Christmas shopping already?

    2. How much would you guess / know have you / or will you spend on Christmas this year?

    3. What is the most expensive Christmas present you have ever bought someone, and who was it for?

  2. Question #1: What is the largest U.S. city that is not located on a navigable waterway?

    Question #2: What is the wierdest pizza you’ve ever eaten?

    Question #3: Using only 80s & 90s sitcom characters, tell me your ideal father, mother, sister, brother, and pet.

  3. (I’ll try to be good, lol)

    1) Name at least three books that you want to read, or think you should read

    2) I’ve seen you writing poetry. Is this a new genre for you? If so do you think you will continue? Do you read poetry?

    3) Describe one vivid childhood memory.

    Ok. I might have stretched it a bit, but there you do. 😉

  4. OK first I have no idea if my trackback ping worked but I pasted this to my site too at http:///www.smoochdog.com.

    OK now onto my questions:

    1. If you could tell any person in your life (past or present; living or deceased) something wthat you have wanted to say but never did or have not yet what would it be.?

    2. Any chance you will ever make the font of your comments bigger so I can read it?

    3. What is your favorite thing about women (in general)

  5. Whoops apparently I screwed up the trackback thingy – feel free to delete it and this comment. Sorry I don’t understand all that stuff.

  6. Cool!

    1. What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended and why?
    2. What country would you like to visit on your next vacation, but have never visited in your life?
    3. Do you still have your wisdom teeth, or are they long gone?

  7. I missed out on the questions deadline… but i’m gonna paste this to my blog again(probably tomorrow cuz i’m always slow LOL) …. since i did this last time when you did

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  1. the 3 questions game
    OK so I stole this from Chaos who snagged it from Logtar. Play along if you would like. I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions apiece, no more no less. You may ask me anything. Then…

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