What a difference a month makes

About a month ago I was feeling down, you can read that on this post, not quite depressed but was getting there quick. The holidays were coming and all I wanted to do was run down to Colombia to be away from it all. I did not have a reason to stay here for Christmas, not even my family who I dearly love.

Then you get wrapped up in something that is not real and make some stupid decisions that cost a lot. At least I now have my sanity and dignity.

5 comments on “What a difference a month makes

  1. Even though Christmas may get many of us down there IS magic at Christmas time. I believe that in the core of my being. Not all of us get to experience something magical every year personally, but there is magic to be seen. Enjoy every moment and treasure it as I know you do.

  2. awww… what a lovely entry. <3

    yeah, no kidding Mathibus, i got to get over exams myself!! can’t wait for xmas! but logtar, usually around this winterish season, it’s like a depression season for everybody, but it usually passes, and people get better and happier later.. and so it’s nice to know that there are people in your life who makes it worthwhile for you to live and be happy. :)

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