Run Lola Run (****)

It’s difficult to create a film that’s fast paced, exciting, and aesthetically appealing without diluting its dialogue. Run Lola Run, directed and written by Tom Tykwer, is an enchanting balance of pace and narrative, creating a universal parable that leaps over cultural barriers. This is the story of young Lola (Franka Potente) and her boyfriend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu). In the space of 20 minutes, they must come up with 100,000 deutsche marks to pay back a seedy gangster, who will be less than forgiving when he finds out that Manni incompetently lost his cash to an opportunistic vagrant.

I think that foreign film is not just underrated but also very underexposed. It is not only fast paced and full of action, but the soundtrack never lets you go. Techno playing in the background with lyrics that are haunting (“I wish I was the hunter.”) that Franka Potente actually contributed her voice to.

The movie is beautifully shot, with excellent camera work as well as a still picture effect for different story lines that is very captivating. It makes you just sit there in expectation of what is going to happen next. I have not seen a film that has gotten me this excited since Boondock Saints. It should be available in your local video store, go rent it!

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* Don’t bother
**If there is nothing else in the video store
***Rent it for sure
****Go watch it in the theater today, or buy the DVD

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3 comments on “Run Lola Run (****)

  1. Uy que buena película, tiene buen gusto Don Logtar, y tiene razón en cine no-gringo es muy “underrated”, siendo que es mejor (o al menos me parece así) Aquí estamos disfrutando porque ahora hay un montón de festivales de cine, los cuales yo obviamente no me pierdo, ahorita estamos en el de cine francés al que todavía no he tenido la oportunidad de ir, pero espero asisitir pronto.

  2. omg–i *love* this movie! did you know that Franka Potente is Matt Damon’s love interest in the Bourne movies?

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