First time voting!

Well I have done my duty as a citizen of this country. I accomplished the most important thing I wanted to do this year. Become a citizen and then vote. I have never voted before, I became an adult here so I did not vote in Colombia, and even though I could have voted a couple of times for the Colombian president election I did not. Then this year I felt that I needed to vote.

I got up this morning, made myself some coffee and turned on the radio. Listened to people talk about the local vote for some propositions. It was good because the discussion made up my mind about one that was kind of undecided about. I vote for progress and prosperity. I do not care if people vote one way or another, I care that they exercise their right. That right also includes deciding not to vote.

The voting place was a local school that was walking distance away but since I was going to work right after I just drove. Parked the car and walked inside. As I get in line, I don’t feel any nervousness or hesitation. Then my turn to get my ballot comes and guess what. My name is not there. So I have to wait. They called the precinct and found me :) thank God. It was just that since I register by mail right after I got my citizenship they needed me to sign a card. Got that done and voted.

I got the punch card method. I did not like it at all, for some of the pages it was cool, but the busy pages you have to be very careful or you can almost vote for the wrong person. I can see why people got confused in the past. It bothered me that towards the back there were empty pages where they could have spread the vote a little better. But I voted, I am proud to be an American and exercise my right :)


The lan party was excellent. Not just because it was a kick ass time but because I got to meet some really cool people. They were very welcoming and putting faces to screen names is always a good thing. I took some pictures that are posted here.

The drive there was not bad at all. I do wish that I had gone to bed just a little bit earlier but that did not happen. I did however get everything packed up the night before so it was just jumping in the car and being on my way. The road was wet and it was rainy at times, but with all of that and following the posted speed limit I made it to Grand Rapids in just over two hours. Once there I set up and started gaming right away. Played UT the most, but my favorite multiplayer was FraCry… what a beautiful game. I did not play any RTS games, but did get to see a couple that will eventually be bought.

Another cool thing about the lan was the food. The lan was hosted at a church, so the church youth group was selling food and for 10 bucs you could buy all you can eat hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and pop. I jumped on that deal and eat like some of you know I am capable of.

Towards the end of the lan most of the people had left and there was about 20 people left and I was introduced to the crack of multyplayer games, countrestrike. Stay away from this game, it is not suitable for people with addictive personalities so please proceed with caution.

The drive home was not bad at all either, I was super tired but I had enough caffeine on me to keep me going. When I got home, I unloaded the car and hit the sack… it worked out good, because with the time change I think I might just be discombabulated enough from the weekend weird sleep times that I might not notice the clocks are different now.

Today I actually got to see SnkCrk and his wife, they came over for dinner and we hanged out and watched some TV. SnkCrk wife made a Botom cream pie that is probably making me gain a couple of pounds as I type but it was just awesome. So I had an awesome weekend how about you?