The Incredibles (****)

Starring Brad Bird, Spencer Fox, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, Craig T. Nelson, Elizabeth Peña, John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn, and Sarah Vowell. From the creators of “Toy Story,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “Finding Nemo,” comes this hilarious action-packed animated adventure about superheroes. (Disney Enterprises, Inc./Pixar Animation Studios) Read more The Incredibles (****)

Bad Neighbors

Well, this has been an interesting experience for me. I have always tried to be polite and not get into any problems with any of my neighbors. Growing up, neighbors knew each other and were part of each other’s lives in many senses. Now days you are lucky if you know the names of the people you live around. I guess it is a matter of taking the initiative and making friends with people but who wants to after an experience like this. Read more Bad Neighbors

Reservoir Dogs (****)

It is hard to think that this movie came out in 1992, wow time flies. The first time I saw this movie it was thanks to my friend Biggie. It was sometime in 1996 and I remember it changing a lot about what I think about movies. This movie kind of introduced me to dialogue that was witty and made a movie flow.

Starring Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney, Randy Brooks, and Kirk Baltz. Quentin Tarantino’s debut cult classic chronicles a jewelry heist gone wrong. (Miramax Films)

If you have not watched this movie in a while rent it, is on DVD now and I have not laughed this hard in a while. The movie is just pure joy. I have liked Tarantino a lot more since he was instrumental in bringing Hero stateside. I hope that it keeps on opening the door for Asian films to get out here.

Besides the good dialogue, Reservoir dogs has a great story line and just awesome acting. Sometimes I wonder if Tarantino is just lucky that he can put that much talent in one room or if he is just that good of a director that he makes every actor seem that much better. So have you seen the movie? Do you enjoy it?

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Life is good

I firmly believe that we need the downs in life to know recognize the ups. Right now my life is on the way up, getting higher every day. Not only did I find love, but I have also developed a sense of home here in Michigan. Even though I still love Chicago very much, I like living out here. It is quiet, peaceful and I have surrounded myself with some cool people.

I think volunteering for the read program has helped me tons. I feel like I am making a difference by helping kids and find it extremely rewarding. For next week I think I might make a couple of puzzles for them, as in word soups with what they are studying or something similar. Both of the kids that I am working on seem to like that kind of activity.

Today I have ASL class, also something that is changing my life. I have wanted to do this for so long and getting the opportunity to finally do it feels awesome. I hope I continue without a break, which reminds me I have to check out the winter schedule.

I also have to admit that this blog has helped me a lot, at first I wanted it to be just an outlet to my mood in a very private way… but as more people started reading and giving me some excellent advice I liked that aspect of it a lot more. I have made some great friends here and it has helped more than therapy :)