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Sometimes I don’t even remember that it has not yet been a full year since I started this blog. I have been blogging in one way for a long time, my friends can be a testament to the fact that when I write an e-mail it tends to be a little lengthy. Even when I talk, I tend to just go on and on and on… But they love me anyways and put up with the length of my communications.

I used to send a Christmas email as well as a New Years one recounting several events that took place during the year. I wonder if anyone still has one of those in their inbox… if you do send it to me. I don’t think I ever did a thanksgiving email but I want to take an opportunity to express how thankful I am.

First I want to thank God. God has been good to me this year, opening my eyes to a lot of my mistakes. Guiding me through very difficult times and giving me hope for the future. God also did something wonderful by putting my girlfriend in my path. Without her a lot of the happiness I have now would not be here.

I am very thankful for my best friend Bogi. I could not have had a better friend in the difficult times that I faced this year. For keeping me centered and going when I needed it most and also standing behind every decision wrong or right. For being a friend that I know has my back.

To the coworkers that became my friends, something I thought I would never find again. Thank you, it was rough being in a new place, but I now feel home.

To my online friends, wow what would I have done without you guys… you keep me thinking that what I write is interesting enough to read, and have debated with me on levels that opened up my view to new ideas and ways of thinking. Thanks for all the support.

10 comments on “Thanksgiving Post

  1. You writing long emails……NO:)

    Man you just made me look like a saint, which I’m not.
    I don’t even know how to reply to this, (tear) all I can say is this, “I is thankful for me amigo, John, Juan, Jackabush, Logtar, Valdez, Guzman”. What? You were expecting more?. I don’t do mushy stuff, this is all you gonna get.:)

    P.S. This is how to get thru Logtar’s long email….read one paragraph then skip two, don’t worry you will not miss anything, its been working for me since 1998. Try it.

  2. What a beautiful entry Logtar. I think we should all take time to think about the things that we are thankful for every now and then. hugs and best wishes

  3. Pues hermano, el día de gracias por como comenzó, no me agrada ni cinco, pero en lo que simboliza me agrada. Siempre tenemos que estar agradecidos por todo lo que tengamos aunque yo le agradezco a la vida (pues no soy muy creyente o nada creyente en cualquier caso) y le agradezco por todo lo que me ha dado en los últimos meses, por las noches frías, por los días soleados, y por todas las derivaciones de estos y todos los sucesos que se desarrollaron en estos. Por ahora puedo decir que, quizás, Benigni tiene razón, La Vita É Bella.
    (y hombre, el support, cuando quiera)

  4. John, I am thankful for having ‘met’ you this year. Your advice,
    perspective and humor are all well appreciated. Cleo sounds like a dream. I am sure she is as lucky to have met you as you are to have met her. Sorry if this is a bit murky I have to admit I have had a few pre-Thanksgiving cocktails. Nonetheless I am forever grateful for friends, online and off, who make the day to day and all the bumps of life a little easier to take. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  5. well bro you know me.. as time draws onto the future and out careers pull us appart. I will always be there for you with what i can do just like always

  6. God bless you and your family during this season. I am thankful to have you as a friend and watch out–I may just come up there and hang out with you if you’re not careful….

  7. Couldn’t have written anything better than what you just did. I wish you and yours a terrific Thanksgiving. =)

  8. You have much to be thankful for; how wonderful! You DO keep us coming back by writing such interesting things…….Enjoy your day tomorrow, Logtar; bless you and all your loved ones! =)

  9. Beautiful straight from the heart post :) Happy Thanksgiving, and congrats on keeping it up with your blog, and of course, wish you, your girlfriend, your family and friends the best of luck and plenty of happiness :)

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