Unsportsmanlike conduct

I was kind of hanging out with friends and watching the game Pistons vs. Pacers game out of the corner of my eye. When I noticed that something had happened, and well what it looked like just a little fight started.

What some people might not realize by just watching the highlights is that this went on for about 10 minutes or so, with spurts of violence happening. I got to see most of it live, except for the beginning. Then the rest of the night I got to see the endless repetition on ESPN.

I have to admit that it was amusing to see the people just resorting to violence. To me violence is simple the most idiotic form of expression there is, because it seldom accomplishes anything. Their behavior really made me look at the players in a very disapproving way. I think at that moment they acted like they had no control over their emotions.

I am not taking the fans’ side at all. I think that they are just as wrong for starting the whole other string of things. I do have to say that I was kind of cheering when an overpaid athlete is getting dumped soda or beer in their head after they have behaved the way they did.

Today reading the reaction to the incident by various people I got an opinion in my head. Why is it that we as a society idolized sports figures?

Sure, I think that some of the talent that athletes have is amazing, but I prefer the Olympics to any of the professional leagues in the US. It sickens me whenever I hear that the players want more money. Like millions and millions of dollars is not enough. Or when players say that they are not going to give their 100% because of it being their last year on a contract or whatever.

Can we all just stop giving 100% at our jobs without repercussions? I know I cannot, but not for fear of being fired but because it is not who I am. My job gets everything I can give, every single time. I was the one who accepted the conditions when I was hired, at that moment I can choose to do the job or not. So what makes Athletes so special that they are exempt from doing their job, or feel entitled to only perform when they feel like it?

I hope that Hockey takes a big hit on attendance after the strike, and also that more and more people start turning away from professional sports because to be honest I am tired and sickened of this whole thing.

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  1. I have only seen snippets of this fiasco here and there. I have heard of suspensions being issued to the players and of one player (the main fighter so to speak) being suspended without pay for the remainder of the season. I say GOOD.

    No the fans were not right to be tossing stuff at the players but we cannot do much about their stupidity other than ban them from the arena again (unless said fighter/player chooses to press charges – can he? Who knows?

    These professional athletes get paid a lot of money – a sick horrifying amount of money – yes I know it is because the fans pay the prices and scoiety perpetuates it but that is not my point here today.

    My point here today is that as a professional athletes, like it or not, they are role models, and they dang well should act like them in my opinion. A squirmish here and there on the court doesn’t make me cringe but this does. When a professional basketball player loses so much of his sense of self that he feels compelled to go into the stands and start hitting a fan, something is wrong. Very wrong in my opinion.

    To top it all off (and this snide remark will undermine everything I have just said) he fought like a girl!

  2. Got a messege on my rss reader that you just posted. I figured I’d go ahead and take a break from writing my paper to see what it was all about. I can’t believe you were there John. Wow, is all I have to say as far as that is concerned. I don’t follow sports much, because I believe it is a means to no end and a waste of my time, but… I’ve listened to Kris complain about the exact same things you complained about in your post. He told me that was the reason he quit being a fan of baseball, because he was tired of the B.S. I can definately that this, I agree.

  3. Two quick points here:

    1) Athletes are not overpaid. The money is coming from somewhere. People have been saying they are overpaid for what, the last twenty years at least, but I don’t see any signs of owners wanting to get out of owning sports teams. Money comes primarily from television revenue. The TV contract for NFL is 11.5 billion over the next 6 years. This is just a shade under 60 million per year per team. That covers the vast majority of a team’s expenses. The other main revenue generator is selling tickets. (A host of other things come into play here: taxpayer funded stadiums, concessions, parking, merchandise, etc, but the previous two are the main ones.) Tickets are bought by fans who want to go to the games. If you feel tickets are overpriced, then don’t buy them. You’re going to have a harder time though avoiding the TV contract. TV makes their money back by getting faces in front of the television and advertising to them–both teasing their own shows, and marketing products to consumers. So you can always go on strike against any company that advertises during sporting events. :)

    2) It’s well known that Ron Artest has had mental issues since he first came up in the league. The Bulls tried to help him out with them, but he refused treatment. They then got rid of him (due to some behind the scenes issues involving his temper) and traded him to the Pacers who also tried to help him. He refused their help as well. This guy is not a role model by any stretch, he is a kid who has some anger issues. I’m sure he’s heard that he “should” be a role model, but some people just won’t follow other people’s advice, no matter how sound it may appear to be.

  4. We like it and we know it!!! Ever been to a hockey game?? What’s the best part????? THE FIGHT!!! I remember the words of my Master. He said, “Fist solve more than people know. Fist solve everything.”
    And he’s right! One time some stranger, looking to antagonize, called me a name. I could’ve ignored her or said “let’s talk about this and share our feelings and cry like little girls……” But rather, I walked up and broke her nose. I’m willing to bet that my way worked better. Had I ignored her, she would’ve felt free to mock other strangers as she had done to me. But now, I’ll bet she’ll think twice before opening her mouth.

    Anyway- unsportsman-like or not, I say indoor brawling is the best sport there is. You love violence and you know it.

  5. you know, i was really disappointed also with this especially with my 10 year old son watching it. He loves sports and dreams of becoming a professional basketball player someday. I don’t understand why they get paid all this huge amount of money also and whine for more. let them live on the streets like some of the homeless people and i think the millions they receive will finally be enough…….what was really ashame too was seeing all the little kids crying while this was going on in the stands.

  6. actually they do give a 100% on contract years so that they can put up good numbers and get another big contract. i got to that point and stopped reading.

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