Bad Neighbors

Well, this has been an interesting experience for me. I have always tried to be polite and not get into any problems with any of my neighbors. Growing up, neighbors knew each other and were part of each other’s lives in many senses. Now days you are lucky if you know the names of the people you live around. I guess it is a matter of taking the initiative and making friends with people but who wants to after an experience like this.

My downstairs neighbor has issues with me. It started with my Divorce, she is an older lady I am guessing mid 70s and seems very old fashion. I became the gossip of my building after the divorce happened. It got so bad that everything that I did or did not do got back all the way to Chicago. I mostly laughed about it because most of it was misinformation, like the fact that I was now dating a 16 year old. It was quite amusing.

The lady really ignores me when I walk by her in the parking lot if we ever cross paths. She has never said a word before this Sunday when the incident happened.

I have some of my coolers out in the balcony. I forget about them because I am rarely at my place to enjoy any sun or nice weather so I have not used it very much. I noticed this Sunday that the tops had flown off and a couple of the were full of water. They were quite heavy full off water, so I moved them towards a corner and tipped the. Mind you I did not do it over the rail and some of the water went to the lower balcony where the lady lives. (I am not calling her lady because I don’t want to reveal her identity I really have no clue what her name is). So after dumping most of the water I hear screams from down stairs. Mind you her balcony is empty, no chairs no nothing… and she says that I need to stop right now and that I need to do that in my sink or my toilet. I said, it is just rainwater I am sorry… next thing I hear is that the administration is going to hear this.

I thought they were just empty threats until I received a very poorly constructed letter from my building administration. Stating that they understood that my actions were not malicious but that I needed to be mindful of other people… I should have just scanned the letter and showed everyone for a good laugh. I have not decided if I should write back. I would really like to construct a nice letter and have the administration send the lady bellow me a letter too. I feel somewhat upset by the fact that they sent me a letter. I mean they are taking her side as in I did a water attack on the poor lady while she was reading the morning news on her balcony…

I am sure the lady just needs attention and someone to talk to, she is way more interested in my life than I care for her to be. If only she knew that I would love to have been a good neighbor and gotten to know her, even invite her over for coffee or something. But I never got a chance; I am just the water pouring, cradle robber from upstairs.

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  1. reminds me a little of the neighbors we had above us last year, only the complaints were about our music. What gets me is that we never had it that loud, and often the compaints would come when we weren’t even home. One day j and I were just bringing groceries home and the man came down the stairs and started yelling at J about how loud are music was. Without a word J unlocked our door and let it swing open. Our apartment was silent. The man never made another sound.

    I guess it’s a bit of a city thing. When I was living with my mom in the “country” we knew all our neighbors. Everyone kept an eye on things if we went away and vice versa. I was the neighborhood baby, pet and house-sitter. I had keys to everyone’s houses. Here in the city, everyone is too paranoid. =( (Lady’s missing out.)

  2. Ahh… The joys of living in an apartment (I assume it’s an apartment anyway. Condos are typically the same). I’ve lived in my share of them and have disliked them more and more as I get older. I wouldn’t worry about the letter you received. Most apartment complexes have policies about notification when they receive a complaint. So it’s not that they are taking her side necessarily, but that they had to say something to you to satisify the rules.

  3. neighbors in general scare the heck out of me.. maybe it’s just the neighborhood where i live, because i live in the area where it’s the home of sexual predators… and i can trust only a couple of those neighbors that my family knows for a really long time…

    but wow.. that’s a really interesting experience you got there, logtar.. :)

  4. BAD, LOGTAR, BAD!!!!! Now that you’ve had your ‘spanking’, it is now time for the final touch!!! Having been around ole folks for more years than I can count (!), I have found out that though they seem like ‘busy-bodies’, most of the time, it is hear-say they distribute!!! I don’know her but, I would assume that she doesn’t mean to be malicious. Maybe she has been mistreated by some folks you don’t know about. Old folks usually are, to some extent. Mostly, they are not treated with the respect that they deserve. Give her a chance. Bring her a cutting off of a plant, and ask her advice about it, or something. Break the ice. Maybe she needs a friend, and the younger generation seem to be isolated from her. Maybe, too she is just a mean ole lady, but you will never know until you try. Give her the benefit of the doubt. That is, if you want to make ammends with her. I know you didn’t wake up and say ‘hunmmhn, let me wet her today!!! Give it a try. You won’t rest until you do. IF it is all in vain, well, then it is up to her. Right??? All you can do, is your best!!!

  5. You should photo copy the property management’s letter head and type up some memos of your own. Memos about things like squirrels with rabies crawling in through air ducts and attacking people. Or the building is sinking and the second floor will now be referred to as the first floor.

  6. oo, there’s nothing worse than bad neighbors. the old lady who used to live next door was so rude, no matter how many times i said hi. she just ignored me.

    but since yours lives downstairs, you never know–it might help to make a peace offering of some sort, nothing big. if she’s still rude after that, then let her deal with her own issues. you might even write a letter to the administration afterwards, about how you’ve tried to be nice, but…

    good luck!

  7. Sounds like the lady had a legitimate gripe. it doesn’;t matter if she was outside or not, or if it was rainwater or piss… your literally poured it on her home without her permission. That, my firend is what we call “wrong”. You owe the lady an apology, but to be fair, nothing more.

  8. it’s just water. no one got injured and no harm came from the water. People are so sensitive and spoiled. I’m so tired of adults behaving like spoiled rotten kids. It was a oversight that did not bring any distress but drama.

    if you apologized and regretted your actions, you are okay. It’s the lady who is the spoiled rotten child.

  9. Hi everyone try this one I live in a small one bed room apartment upstairs with a closed in porch. There are only two apartments in the whole building. Well anyways to get to my point the girl that moved next door to me moved in with her little girl and boyfriend then her sister and her boyfriend and the babysitters and anyone that feels like spending the night moved in to her apartment its only a two bed room. How do you deal with all these people.

  10. We have a meth dealer living in the granny unit of our house. Landlord doesn’t do anything. She just got arrested for stealing a $15,000 generator recently. I hope that her probation officer is strict. :]

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