Life is good

I firmly believe that we need the downs in life to know recognize the ups. Right now my life is on the way up, getting higher every day. Not only did I find love, but I have also developed a sense of home here in Michigan. Even though I still love Chicago very much, I like living out here. It is quiet, peaceful and I have surrounded myself with some cool people.

I think volunteering for the read program has helped me tons. I feel like I am making a difference by helping kids and find it extremely rewarding. For next week I think I might make a couple of puzzles for them, as in word soups with what they are studying or something similar. Both of the kids that I am working on seem to like that kind of activity.

Today I have ASL class, also something that is changing my life. I have wanted to do this for so long and getting the opportunity to finally do it feels awesome. I hope I continue without a break, which reminds me I have to check out the winter schedule.

I also have to admit that this blog has helped me a lot, at first I wanted it to be just an outlet to my mood in a very private way… but as more people started reading and giving me some excellent advice I liked that aspect of it a lot more. I have made some great friends here and it has helped more than therapy :)

3 comments on “Life is good

  1. Glad things are shining for you – you deserve it! Meant to ask why you are taking ASL? I am sure you posted why but well you know my scattered brain. Husband took it as his “language” requirement when he went back to school and it was HARD. Kudos to you for tackling it!

  2. Hey! I’m so happy for you that your life is an up! And just to let you know, I sometimes come by here to read your quotes you post and to ponder them; it has helped me on certain days to appreciate the positive and what we have, especially if I’m in a down mood that particular day…..Hope your UP continues!! =)

  3. Aw, that is soooo sweet! Oh, and I changed your mini bio on my site.
    I forgot that you live in Michigain, not in Chicago.

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