A Gift From The Sky

Gift from the Sky

As I looked up at the sky
I never imagined that I would find
Even if I did try
The love that I had in mind

But soaring towards me
It landed by my side
Slowly it embraced me
And it filled me inside

A love so tender and sweet
A felling so fresh and new
That it makes my heart skip a beat
And gives life a whole new view

A love that I thought never existed
Now lives inside of me
A love that cannot be resisted
Has now set eyes on me

In this sea of flowers
It graced me with its presence
And now adoringly it showers
Everything I am with its essence

This love is so complete
Because it gives itself freely
There is no time to compete
Only living life ideally

9 comments on “A Gift From The Sky

  1. Aye! Los palabras son magnífico! Logtar, yo nunca supe que tu eres en amor. Es que bueno para ti y su “esposa”. hehehe….

  2. I LOVE it when people write poetry to express themselves. You’ve done a wonderful job Logtar. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  3. Hombre bacano el poema Logtar (quizás debería regalarle unas clases de español a sus amigos) pero buena vaina…

  4. That is simply lovely. I love poetry. You are so sweet to write this about the woman you love. Beautiful :-)

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