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This past Monday I attended the first session of my READ buddy program. The READ buddy is a volunteer initiative that helps children in the first and second grade practice reading. It is supposed to encourage reading for fun and not just for school.

Morley Elementary where I am assigned for the program is about 10 minutes from my job. I arrived a little early the first time to be instructed by the reading teacher. The kids at the school are lucky because there is actually a reading room. Other schools from what I have heard the kid and the mentor have to sit in the hallway when they are reading time.

I go every other week, which means I have a partner so we switch off. We are assigned 2 first graders. One is a little shy and is a little behind in reading skills but he is eager to read. The second one is very friendly and seems full of energy and is reading a little more advanced. I think they will enjoy some puzzles or word soups that I am going to do over the weekend for them. It is supposed to be a fun time for them, so games related to reading are allowed. I feel good by doing this like I am giving back to the community. This is one of the things that make me extremely happy about working at the company. They promote and fund all kind of community initiatives. So do any of you do any volunteer work? Does your company allow you to use their time to serve your commuity?

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  1. logtar, that is so awesome! good for you! i’m mostly self-employed, but i love doing community service.

    i used to bring 2 of my cats to the “old folks’ home” once a monty until i got sick (long story–and not from catching anything while there,

    i also volunteered at a local no-kill cat shelter that i used to work at, but i felt kind of bad spending time with other cats instead of my own.

    so recently, i applied at a local pit bull rescue shelter and hope to start working with the dogs soon.

    i also volunteer at Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), helping mail out the bi-monthly newsletters or writing articles.

    it’s so rewarding.

  2. Uy parce, que bacano! Ojalá le vaya bien con los pelaitos. Póngales buena literatura, como Dostoyevski… no mentira se duermen a esa edad. Que lean lo que quieran. Pero en fin buena acción!

  3. Since I’m a full-time college student, work at a radio station, and own a business I rarely have much extra time, but I’m going to be getting involved in anything related to Alhzheimers (including walking every year) since my grandmother had it, Breast Cancer prevention programs (since my mom had it), and local AIDS prevention/awareness office since it’s a good cause. :-)

  4. What you are doing is great, wonderful and meaningful! Way to be ahero to a young child. My company encourages a lot of community service in different ways. Goign into schools and reading is one of them and they also coordinate Community Giving Days where groups of people go and help a specific group of people. You know me though my volunteer time is currently all about teh dog resuce I work for. I do get a lot of flack sometimes for helping animals instead of people but I feel stongly about helping the animals and I also do my share of people volunteer work too such as the Diabetes Walk! I think you would be great in the Big Brother Program too! Rock on with Reading!

  5. I’ve volunteered here and there for several different reading programs. Lol, I intend on doing social work as my career, so you could say I’ve done some help for the little ones. The most fun I have is when lil’ kids don’t want to read and there is this challenge of figuring out ways to get them to want to read. Quite exciting!

  6. What a great thing you’re doing!! I don’t have time to volunteer right now,but once I’m done with school I plan to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity! I love what they do!

  7. Jeremy wants us to get involved with the “big brother” “big sister” program… but I’m not exactly sure I’d make a good role model/adult example…. :)

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