First time voting!

Well I have done my duty as a citizen of this country. I accomplished the most important thing I wanted to do this year. Become a citizen and then vote. I have never voted before, I became an adult here so I did not vote in Colombia, and even though I could have voted a couple of times for the Colombian president election I did not. Then this year I felt that I needed to vote.

I got up this morning, made myself some coffee and turned on the radio. Listened to people talk about the local vote for some propositions. It was good because the discussion made up my mind about one that was kind of undecided about. I vote for progress and prosperity. I do not care if people vote one way or another, I care that they exercise their right. That right also includes deciding not to vote.

The voting place was a local school that was walking distance away but since I was going to work right after I just drove. Parked the car and walked inside. As I get in line, I don’t feel any nervousness or hesitation. Then my turn to get my ballot comes and guess what. My name is not there. So I have to wait. They called the precinct and found me :) thank God. It was just that since I register by mail right after I got my citizenship they needed me to sign a card. Got that done and voted.

I got the punch card method. I did not like it at all, for some of the pages it was cool, but the busy pages you have to be very careful or you can almost vote for the wrong person. I can see why people got confused in the past. It bothered me that towards the back there were empty pages where they could have spread the vote a little better. But I voted, I am proud to be an American and exercise my right :)

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  1. Congratulations on your first vote. I agree with 99% of what you say but I do wonder if “That right also includes deciding not to vote.’ is ok. I am in fact not stauchly on one side or the other of this statement. On one hand I think people have a civic responsiblity to vote. BUT on the other hand freedom is freedom and if they do not wan to vote then that should be their right….BUT I better not hear anyone who did not vote complaining about the outcome of the election. You don’t vote you don’t get to complain.

  2. congratulations!

  3. Votó, wow! ni de mucho que sirva por allá, con lo del colegio electoral y demás vainas su voto no es definitivo, es solo una opinión, que el representante de su estado podría o no seguir… Además si hablamos de democracia, quien dice que la mayoría tiene la razón? Se ha descubierto que la mayoría de la humanidad es algo… bruta, la mayoría escogería probablemente la peor opción. Y auqnue si sí tuvieran la razón, donde queda la voz de las minorías, no tienen derecho ellos a ser escuchados también?? Todo este mundo está jodido le digo parce…
    Y por el bien de la humanidad en general, esperemos que el señor Bush no gane esta vaina…

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  6. I’m so happy that they found you and that you voted. Yay! =)

  7. congrats Logtar!

  8. Congrats on your first vote, my friend.

    Now make it a habit…vote in every election you can. :-)

  9. How proud of you am I, lil bro? You make it sound so simple. *grin* And actually, I guess it is. It’s just that we’re a home that is politically divided and it wasn’t easy for us being on opposite sides of the vote. It seemed like a huge obstacle but when I when I was in the voting booth it no longer matter what anyone thought, including Mr. Man – I was proud to be an American and proud that my voice means something. I’m so proud of you that you gained citizenship and had the opportunity to vote. I hope it’s always a treasured experience for you. (((((((logtar)))))))) *SMOOOOCHES*

  10. Yay… for exercising rights! :-)

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