This weekend.

For the first time in years I might dress up for halloween. I still have to go find what I need for my c0stume, but I think I should be successful. It will be nothing to complicated but I think it will be pure hilarity.

Tonight will be preparation for tomorrow’s Lan party. I will be packing my computer. I am hoping that my c0stume will count. Don’t see why it would not. I think is an awesome costume. People that dress up get 3 bucks off… which is just about as much as I am going to spend of the costume.

The Lan party is actually a ways from here. Not terribly far, but I still got to wake up early and drive for a couple of hours. I have been playing games and chatting with some of the people for a little while so it will be cool to put faces to the screen names. I like meeting the people I talk to online IRL.

On other news I got a Sony NetMD as a present from a special friend, and it is kick @ss. I will have to post a picture of it later on! thanks again my friend. So what are your plans for this weekend? Are you dressing up? having a party?

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