Why I don’t like Christmas anymore.

Chrismas is supposed to be a happy time, to enjoy with family… but throught my life it has been a painful thing at times. During the holidays a lot of people get depressed and even though my happy positive attitude does not allow for that I admit that I do not look forward to X-mas anymore.

Since my parents divorce, holidays have turned into a battle of who do you spend what with… and in the end I just end up running from one place to another. My parents getting divorced hit me really hard, and in a lot of ways I have not recovered from it, maybe I never will. Family was the most important thing to me and even though I am still very close to each of my family members individually that sense of family is now gone.

Don’t get me wrong, my parents getting divorced was a good thing. Now they both can redo their lives apart from each other and be happy. Staying together and being unhappy would have been the wrong decision for sure.

I think this year I am not going to spend X-mas with either my Mom or Dad, but rather take a trip down to Colombia to see my family down there. Most of my happy holiday memories are back in Colombia, I cannot remember any truely happy X-mas here… better start looking for tickets now.

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  1. Uy por aquí lo espero, nos echamos un cotejo con Evil y los demás si quiere…

    A mi tampoco me gusta la navidad, demasiado comercial, y además porqué debemos ser amables, bondadosos y caritativos solo una vez al año? Debería se siempre así…

    Mis papás también son divorciados pero quizás a mi no me dió tan duro porqué se separaron antes de que yo tuviera memoria y la situación natural para mí es que estén separados, ahora son buenos amigos. Aunque esto también me crea el problema de con quien estar, y no solo en navidad sino todos los días, pero bueno ahí me “reparto” hay mucho POL pa’ todos

  2. I think the holidays in general get more people down (for various reasons) than they admit. It is a time of huge expectation which inevitably leads to stress and frustration to make the holdidays “merry”. I have often though of just taking a vacation over the holidays but the child in me wants to be around my family. Also I inevitably gear myself up to believe that something ‘magical’ will happen this year. Go figure.

  3. In my country (Philippines) the Christmas season begins as early as September. Usually, malls would already be decked with cheery holiday decorations, you begin to hear Christmas carols on the radio and some people start dusting off their Christmas trees… Like you, however, I don’t really feel all “Christmas-y” this year and so do a lot of people. Partly because of the economic and socio-political situations in my country but personally, I am feeling a lot less happy. Your idea to travel is a great idea. Perhaps, it would work for me as well. ^_^

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