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I have to vent about my car troubles, it is so frustrating to pay so much money for something that depreciates… specially when my car I have had so many problems with the engine.

Problem started about a year ago. The car would not engage reverse when cold, and when it did it would do so violently. Also it started slipping from 1 to 2, and eventually it would have trouble engaging every gear. So I take it to the dealer because the vehicle had a minor recall. I told them about the problem and their reply was simply we could not recreate the problem.

I then take the car back to have its breaks done… still experiencing the same difficulties, but their reply once again was, we could not recreate the problem. During this whole time my car is still under warranty, actually extended warranty that I purchased with the vehicle. I also want to note that I owned the vehicle since it was brand new.

So, I still keep on driving the car, because hey they cannot recreate the problem. One day I get gas, drive out of the gas station and get about a block away the car just would not move. It rolled into a stop. The car was still on, but it would not engage any gears. So I had to have it towed to the dealer who now said, hey there is something wrong. They said one of the gears had gotten worn and that the will replace it and I would have no problem. I am like, I don’t think so, the problem seems to be a lot more serious than that to me. But they said rest assured we have our best transmission guy on it.

Two weeks after I get my car back, the car starts acting up again. By now I know that the dealer is just going to think that I have car hypochondria. So I drive it. Now my extended warranty was getting close to expiring because of miles, driving back and forth to Chicago added to the number of miles I drive, not to mention I love to drive, so my cars get a healthy does of miles, hence the extended warranty.

A couple of days before a planned trip to Chicago I look at my mileage and realize that if I make the trip my extended warranty will expire. I call the dealer to make an appointment to have the problem checked again, it was once again getting worse. They had nothing until after the weekend. I told them about the mileage situation and they pretty much told me that once the warranty expired there was not much they can do for me. So I take in before my trip just to get it checked out. They still cannot recreate the problem but they agree to keep it overnight, see if maybe letting it sit will help recreate the problems (I know I am sick of the word recreate by this point to). Next morning still nothing. I reminded them that it also happened while in the highway. So at lunch I get a call, Sir we have recreated the problem and it is the problem that caused the transmission to malfunction, we just did not see it the first time around.

At this point I am thinking, I told you so. I went back to think, maybe I should just become a mechanic, this people are obviously morons that don’t listen. I also started just thanking God, I felt that hey finally my car will get fixed and it is still under warranty. The car did ok for another couple of months, but about a month ago started doing stuff again. Similar to the past, so I am getting really frustrated. I have lost confidence on the car and their ability to fix it. I called the service manager, who tells me that my best option at this point since I am out of warranty is a new car. See how they can help me.

I am a moron when it comes to cars, so I entertain their offer. Then I find out that my car is not worth much compared to what I owe. And I will have to take a huge hit, getting a new car. At this point I say no way. I called Chevrolet customer service with my story and the told me, have your car diagnosed, see what happens.

I took my car to the dealer yesterday to have it diagnosed, they found out the fuel filter was plugged so they could not troubleshoot any further until they replaced that. At this point I am like you know what fine. They came back an hour later with the catalytic converter being done, but that is covered under warranty and they are going to fix it. At this point I have the car back and it is once again fixed… but for how long. ARG, I just want a motorcycle so I do not have to deal with this crap anymore. The car can sit there while I ride my bike most of the time. I refuse to buy a new car. I want a bike. I love my car, its a nice car comfortable and all… I just hope that this is the last time I have some mayor problem with it.

Now, if anyone actually read all of this… tell me about your car stories if you ever had one… or a product that you kept on returning and just kept on malfunctioning.

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  1. I got so many different flashbacks reading this. I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to cars though. Mainly because I hung out with car guys in high school and college. My little brother is a car guy now too. So that helps me. Knowing a few things about cars seems to help too when it comes to talking to mechanics. They are more likely to take you seriously. It also helps to have a mechanic that you can trust.

  2. Well, back in Chicago I do have that… but since I am new to the area I am at the mercy of the dealer and their factory trainned technicians :(

  3. I lucked out with my car. Even though it was a used vehicle, I never had any major problems, and the ones I did have, I learned how to fix. It was a honda, and it was already 13 years old when I got it, so no warranty. I took it to my mother’s mechanic when it started making wierd noises and they actually took me in and showed me what was wrong and what they were going to do to fix it. I even got them to show me how to do a few things in case I needed to, like change a fan belt, water pump and such. My advice: find a good mechanic like that. 😉 Good luck Logtar

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