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Well, I built a computer about a year ago because I was getting back into gaming. Life got in the way of that and I ended up not gaming at all. The computer pretty much sat there and collected dust. Actually I did burn DVD’s on it from time to time.

Well, I got to reconnect with some of my gaming buddies from back then and I actually got to game this weekend. Got some UT practice, and BFV. If you have no clue what that is, well it is not really that important. In any case. I am sucking right now, but I think with some practice I can be a pretty decent part of the team. The crazy guys actually accepted me on ther clan. So now I have a new clan afiliation. {SD}logtar

Not sure if any of the people reading here are into gaming or not… but if you are (well I know Kelly is all into Final Fantasy online now a days) but besides that anyone else getting consumed by the video games?

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  1. I used to be so addicted to playing Unreal Tournement.

    Kirk and I used to go to LAN parties and play with about 10 guys. It was so much fun. Especially the time I beat all of them during a match. 😀

    The guys since then have moved up to another edition of the game and we don’t yet have it. That might be something we’ll look into after we upgrade our computer!

    Enjoy your playing, I know how much fun it is. I miss that.

  2. i’m so into sims 2 right now.. i’m subconsciously incorporating it in my real life. like i think of the level my hunger is or the level of my need to go to the bathroom is. crazy, i tell you. =)

  3. YAY for gaming!! It definitely breaks up the monotony and hey, it’s fun! Between that and the Sims 2 I’m a pretty happy camper! lol

  4. Nunca me han agradado mucho los juegos de computador, pero siempre, desde los 3 años, he sido fiel seguidor de las consolas Nintendo, tuve NES y todos sus juegos insignes (Mario Bros 1 y 2, el de los avioncitos, contra, double dragon y demás) Tuve “Super” NES y claro ahí comenzó mi afición por una serie de juegos llamada “International Super Star Soccer” (tuve 1, 2, 3, Deluxe…) y por “Mortal Kombat” (que he tenido toda la serie, del 1 al 4 incluido el Trilogy) también tenía, NBA, Donkey Kong y Super Mario Kart (una genialidad). Ahora todavía conservo mi N64 y ya llego a la asombrosa cifra de 17 juegos: ISS 64(increíble, mejor juego de fútbol de la historia), MK 4 (sorprendente y entretenidamente sangriento), Mario 64 (candidato para el juego más entretenido de la historia), 1080° (buenísimo), Goldeneye (¿Para qué pedir más?), Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (sin duda el mejor juego construido), Wave Race 64 (lo conseguí en 1996 baratísimo a 45.000 pesos y todavía sirve), Mario Party 2 (demasiado chistoso y entretenido), Pokémon Stadium (cuando me dió la goma por los bichitos), Mario Kart 64 (no ha vivido bien si no ha jugado este juego), Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Simplemente la vaina más chistosa que he visto en mi vida), Ready 2 Rumble Round 1 y 2 (es bueno, es bueno), XG2 (de motos futuristas, deja algo que desear), Jet Force Gemini (no es lo mismo que otros juegos de ese estilo…), South Park (no es tan entretenido como se pensaría) y Body Harvest (deja mucho que desear).
    I’m a gamer!

  5. Asheron’s Call, I have Everquest but I’m so addicted to AC that I’ve not really played it much. The other half plays Shadowbane. I have a whole stack of PC games that i won’t touch until school’s out. 😉 Happy Gaming!

  6. I LOVE RPGs! I’ve played FFX-2, FF7, FFX, (dying for X12 to come out in the states), Xenosaga, and Kingdom Hearts!

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