A little Friday humor

I found this funny link where a concerned mother things that the word blog is a euphemism for sex. As a joke this is one of the funniest things that I have ever heard. Read the article as a joke of course and have a good laugh.

8 comments on “A little Friday humor

  1. Ha! that’s FUNNY. (you think she’s mixed it up with ‘snog’? Hehehe. love it.) Thanks Logtar. I needed some of that.

  2. hehe… aren’t slangs the funniest things?? this is a great article to laugh at/with.. thanks for the “blog” update. 😀

  3. Definitely a good laugh…but as most things, a joke is just a joke. In reading their disclaimer, the site is completely fake…the onion of religious news…

  4. omg. hilarious. “hey, mom, my boyfriend and i are gonna blog at his house, ayt? don’t wait up for me.”

  5. JAJAJA no joda, que mamá tan hip…
    Solo una cosa ¿Qué sería comprar “E”?
    Luego terminará diciendo que le va a comprar boletas a la hija para un concierto de los Beatles….

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