11th Annual ATRA Auction Extraordinaire!

Ok Animal lovers lets show our support by either attending or donating to this event. Click here for the official ATRA website with additional details and a place to donate! (Please mention if you want your donation to go towards this event.)

ATRA Auction Extraordinaire

11th Annual ATRA Auction Extroirdinaire is to be held at

The Wheatfield Bed & Breakfast
2335 N. Williamston Rd
Williamston, MI 48895-9748 (Click here for directions)

On Sunday November 7th, 2004. Doors open at noon!

As you guys all know I am an animal lover (remember what I wrote not to long ago about animals in our society.) I support ATRA as an organization because of the great rescue labor that they do. Airedales are a beautiful breed of dog but not suited for just anyone. ATRA works tirelessly providing foster and forever homes for these lovely companions. They put that extra effort to make sure that when a dog is placed he will live to be cared for by people that are suited and will love them. So I ask you to support them in their fund raising efforts 😉

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