Week 40

You are a butterfly. Based on your physical characteristics and your personality combined – what color(s) would your wings be?

Black outer outline, Green inside, two blue dots on the top like owl eyes, specs of red in te bottom. A dark body with a bright yellow cross right on the middle of the back :)

Alrightee then! Ready to do some real humpin’? This week we’re having some free assocation fun or “I say ___, you say ___”. Just copy and paste the Mind hump on your blog and espond to the word(s) below with the first word, phrase, sentence or crazy thought that comes into your head.

01. shaggy::It wasn’t me
02. biscuit ::KFC
03. locomotion::KM
04. monkey::JackRabbit
05. plunge::Sponge
06. rock::Paper
07. amusement::Park
08. butter::Stutter
09. jacket::Tack
10. coaster::Buster
11. trailer park::Railers park
12. buh-buh-buh-Bennie and the Jetssss ….::EJ

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