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I love Art, I love Colombian Art, I love Spanish Art, I love all Art. How eloquent of me :). If I have to pick a type of art order of liking I would have to say any kind of illustration, paint, sketch kind of thing would be at the top of my list. I enjoy sculpture, music and writing but I love pictures. Now that we got that out of the way I come to Boris Vallejo one of my favorite artists.

Boris Vallejo was born in Peru, he is not Colombian but close enough :) and he is not just talented but outright inspirational. Mind you I will provide links to his work, but I do have to warn that some of the pictures include nude. Not in a pornographic kind of way, but very artistic. A lot of his work involves fantasy and I think that his art really incorporates reality. Meaning the pictures are fantasy but his representation makes them seem very real.

I post this because I visited Noelle’s site and she made me think of Vallejo but she did not know who he was. Then I asked a couple of my online friends from the US and Canada and they did not know who he was either. I thought he was very well known, but I guess he is not so I wanted to share. I first saw Vallejo’s work tanks to my friend Ramon who gets his Calendar every year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and please leave me your impression on his art. And please let me know at least if you had heard or not about him.

Official Website
Site that promises to become the best source
Gallery of his works * Takes a minute to load, 56K’s Beware.
Another gallery

8 comments on “Boris Vallejo

  1. I like Boris too. Since he does a lot of fantasy art, I’ve seen him on the covers of some of my more favourite books, along with Michael Whelan and John Jude Palencar. 😉

  2. I love Boris’ work… I used to do a lot of Yahoo! and other web-based RPGs and I frequently used his pictures for character pictures… he’s awesome.

  3. Oh! So cool :) I’m going to send the link to Boris Vallejo’s page to my brother. He’s a graphic designer, but most of all, he does illustration. He sure knows how to appreciate art.

  4. art is always awesome. :) a form of an artist’s true expression.. :) i liked mixed genres of art: writing, poetry, fantasy, dark horror, etc.. :)

  5. i have a pen and ink drawing and a book that he had signd and i am trying to sell it and i wanted to know if he was still alive as bad as it sounds if he is dead i can make more off of it

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