My Friend Biggie

I met Biggie while working at a movie theater. While this one was not one of the most enjoyable jobs ever (you have managers there that think they actually have something to manage) it was very cool people of the people I worked with. Actually I worked there with JP now that I think about it. JP(one of my college buddies)

Biggie was a well-mannered, very polite kind of individual. I think he had recently shaved his head, so if you saw a picture of him on his tux (we had to wear tuxes) you would have thought, wow what a fine young man. I need to clarify that all of this happened quite some time ago, when I was back in College. Biggie was cool to work with and to talk to; he was a movie buff with similar opinions to mine. So cleaning theaters was not as bad with everyone making jokes and laughing.

We had our fun while working, but it was not until Biggie invited me to a party after work that I really got to know him. Lets just say that one party turned into a whole weekend of partying and a lot of mayhem. Bun fire involved and many memories that I will some day recount.

My impression of Biggie never changed, but I eventually got to meet his family and see him in high school sporting long hair and well black wardrobe… which by the way he still sports. Biggie and I are so close is not even funny, but at the same time we are at the opposite side of the coin. Music wise he would never enter a club or listen to any of that kind of music… me I can enjoy Pantera, but it is not a way of life to me. Nonetheless we have remained friends and get together as time permits.

I joined the corporate world and so did he. He actually works putting up cellular sites all over the world, and is right now in Haiti. Yes that is everyone’s question why are they putting cell sites in Haiti when the country is in a state of chaos, but hey he is getting a fat paycheck and has a job. We talk once in a while, but not as much as either of us would like.

I got to talk to him this weekend late at night and he recounted a story for me. We were talking about the security they have there for him and how every time they go anywhere he has to be escorted. Kind of cool to hear about what the guys taking care of him have done. He seems to be having fun down there but I kind of miss him, over the last couple of years we have seen each other maybe 3 or 4 times. Back in the college days we would see each other at least every other weekend.

Take care Bro, and stop getting little people drunk down there 😉

3 comments on “My Friend Biggie

  1. Ah sí, tener a alguien que se aprecia tan lejos es complicado…
    Pero al menos no es como yo que amo a alguien que está tan lejos…

  2. Hey man still going to be for years to come. Also yea what you see on the news is true. There killing each other over the old Prez. but call anytime bro

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