Week 28

This Moody Mamboer needs to relax! And thanks to the help of Princess Deirdre, the Mambo has gotten a bit easier. So thanks many times over for helping the Moody think-tank with the Mambo.

The theme, you ask. RELAXATION!

1. How does music help you to relax?
I really do not have much relaxing music but more like mood changing. I like to be upbeat.

2. What song has been most therapeutic for you (if any):
I think the whole Maroon 5 CD did wonders for me through a difficult time.

3. You are stressing out and you need something to calm you down. What cd do you reach for first?
I really have not done this much but I surely need to give it a try.

4. What is the music of your

a. heart-Marroon 5
b. soul-Jeremy Camp
c. inner child-Anything with a beat

5. If you could have one musican or band sing you a lullaby, what band would it be and what song would they sing to you?
I would love my Preciosa to sing me to sleep :)

Ok, you crazy Mamboers, get out there and shake your groove thangs! This Moody Mamboer thanks Princess Deirdre for 2 of the questions used in this week’s Mambo. I’m not telling which one’s they are, but maybe if you ask her really nicely, she’ll let you know!


3 Responses to Week 28

  1. Dances the mambo on Logtar’s Blog…Great answers!

  2. Great answers! I so need to do one of these again! It’s been ages since I have!

  3. Pues yo no puedo con el mambo, ni con la salsa, ni con el merengue, ni pa nada, soy un maldito tronco, jeje
    Y para mi la mejor música pa´relajarse es la de don Bob Marley.
    Bueno, si no es más, me despido

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