Weekend Recap

Well this was a fun weekend but it is coming to an end… I took my best friend back to Chicago and my sister decided to come back with me to Michigan for a weekend visit. So in a two day span I put about 12 hours of driving. Actually a little less because on the way to Chicago Bogs took the wheel for about half of the trip. I was sad to see him go and kind of wish we could have spend some more time together. I would love to have him as a room mate. We have worked together for two companies… one was funner than the other but we always try to make it as fun as possible.

So we drove last night… I wanted to get on the road as early as possible, but my sister wanted to stop at get some shoes… so the trip to the mall set us back a couple of hours. We ended up not getting up here until a little past midnight.

Today we ended up kind of sleeping in, and went to have brunch at Big Boys which was a new experience for my family since there are no Big Boys out in Illinois. Then we spend the afternoon at the mall walking around, I got myself a new vid game. Now we are watching the TiVoed Bears game and will probably just chill the rest of the day. I think its an awesome weekend :)

So what did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Well, Kris and I saw Paul Mooney last night. I haven’t posted on it yet, but it was awesome. Other than that, nutn’ but studyn’. Right now it’s 3:20 PM and I’m readn’ everyone’s blogs cuz I need to catch up on everyone’s journals… including urs. Touch base wit u laterz J. 😉 Keep tha sh$t rolln’ tight!

  2. Pues compadre, le podría comentar lo que hice el fin de semana, pero mejor mira en mi pagina que ahí está mejor detallado.
    Claro y hoy me emborraché con mi tía que e pegó su viajecito de Ibagué. Eso falta en la página

  3. Of course your sister needed to stop and get shoes. Doesn’t every woman need to get shoes whenever she can? Hee hee.

    I had a good weekend, despite feeling a bit anxious over the whole job thing. I love this autumn weather.

  4. I helped my wife with her house cleaning job on Saturday.

    On Sunday we went and bought my wife some new maternity clothes, took out daughter to a county sponsored “Cultural Awareness Day” at a local community center. And, of course, we watched our team’s football games. My team is the Tampa Bay Bucs and my wife’s team is the Buffalo Bills. It was a bad football day as both of our teams lost =(

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