Bible fun

Yesterday at church we got into a friendly debate about names. And well, the consensus was that I had to see who’s name was more in the bible David’s or mine… well Jason kind of assigned it to me since he is just too lazy to do it himself 😉
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Yesterday marked the first anniversary with my current employer. This year has really flown by, but that along with the question from yesterday’s meme about what I would whisper to myself if I could go back in time, put me in a retrospective mood.

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Week 35

This Hump Day, September 8th, is Nose Hair Maintenance Day …. EWWWW! Let’s not go there. Instead let’s pick something else to warm up for the Wednesday Mind Hump by celebrating September 9th instead which is Hot Dog Day. YAY!

Although the exact “birthday” and the “father” of the hot dog are often in contention The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council reports:
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The drive back (the Taco hell story)

Well today I finished up my 4 day weekend :) yea I got Friday off to take care of some business. So I am driving back and I get that hunger that is not so much I want food but I need food or the body will just shut down. My stomach was not growling but just being like, bring it on, gas station hot dogs I can take it. Thankfully I got talked out of that… but was the alternative better…
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Sunday Sunday Chicago Sunday

Well, today started slow… had to play technical support for one of my friends coworkers. Not much I could do, no disks to recover the OS which was hoaxed. Scares me a little it seems like when XP goes down it goes down hard. But finished with that and had to get ready for my Sis’ b-day Celebration at las tablas. My second day on this weekend eating there (got to love that place).

My sister, her hubby, her Daughter, Mom and Jimmy went out for lunch/dinner and had a blast, check out the moblog for pictures. Other than that just hanged out with family the rest of the afternoon, and at night well being a good boy since I have to drive tomorrow. Plus bogs still being a party pooper 😉