Busy Friday

Yesterday I attended another ASL class. It was once again an awesome experience. I think I freaked my teacher out just a bit, I asked if I could take her picture… well, if she visits here and sees the moblog maybe she will take me off the freak list ;)

I will be getting my citizenship today :) finally taking the Oath to become a gringo :)

I am off to Flint fo complete this last step on my becoming a citizen. I will post pictures. what is best if that after Flint I am off to Chicago. Have a good weekend everyone.

10 Responses to Busy Friday

  1. You too! I’m off to Atlantic City and Philly! Weeee pictures will be forthcoming on Monday.

  2. congrats for the citizenship!! :) and i hope you take care and have a great weekend as well! :)

    err.. it’s a good thing at least you’ve asked your teacher before you took a pic of her.. lol.. i’d imagine she had FREAKED.. lol :)

  3. congrats on your citizenship. That is so cool to hear. Is it a long process to go through? God bless you logtar. oh, I like the “blinkie” princess dee made for ya. really cool with the bike!

  4. Congratulations, lil brother :) I’m so happy for you! Now you get to vote, yay!! lol…Love & Hugs

  5. I thought about you while watching the Michigan game on the treadmil…..glad to see y’all pulled it out, man.

  6. Hey way to go! Any special reason you are taking ASL? My husband took it when he went back to school as his language requirement. I helped him out with it…man it was HARD! Good luck!

  7. Woohoo! ALL RIGHT!!! Hey, it’s kewl to be a gringo…

  8. Congrats! Hope you’re having a great weekend. =)

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Congrats buddy. I’ll have to tell the immigration officers who were looking for you to back off now. lol !!! I missed you this weekend. Well have to talk later.

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