September 11

We must never forget! that is pretty much how I feel. Beyond politics and anything else we must never forget.

Well this is my first year blogging so I think I will recount where I was that day and how I found out.

I was just starting to work like a normal morning at work. Getting done reading my e-mail my cube neighbor Johnathan came up and said this. A plane just crashed into one of the WTC towers in New York. I said no way. At this moment I am thinking just a plane crash.

We had a pretty nice lunchroom at the company that I was working at, we had 2 big TV’s on either end. I went over to watch the news and what was happening when all of a sudden I see the second plane hit. I immediatly knew this was not just an accident.

The rest of the morning I spend going back from the TV to trying to start working again with little luck. I got to see the towers collapsing and that was even more debastating to me. All of those lifes lost.

September 11 did not change me, but brought back memories I thought were of my past. Growing up in Colombia it was something normal to hear of bombs sploding or assasinations. They used to make me feel very vulnerable. I thought that living in the US, that was a thing of the past. September 11 broght that fear back in my life, that sense of vulnerability. That’s why we must never forget.

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  1. For months after 9/11 I had nightmares whenever I went to sleep…all of planes crashing; into buildings or into the earth. The horror of it will never be forgotten, not by any of us that lived that day with its unspeakable sorrow, pain, and fear…

  2. I remember driving back from a court date for a ticket and hearing about the first plane going into the tower. I thought it was a joke at first. When I got home, I heard about the 2nd plane and the Pentagon. I never did go back to work, but stayed at home and watched it all on tv the whole day. It was a very sad day!

  3. Sept 11th was one of the longest days I recall. I was into work early–it was prayer breakfast day–and had started cycling through e-mails. Steve, a co-worker came in and said a plane flew into the WTC. I figured it must be some plane off course but went to where a TV was with cable to check out CNN. I saw the second plane hit “live” as it were. Then, reports come in that the Pentagon is under attack and it sounds like a running gun battle. My dad works in DC…in the Pentagon. Slowly, this sinks in. I run to my office and call my mom, who is in Nashville taking care of my sister who has just recently got out of the hospital. I asked her “Is Dad at the Pentagon today?” (Sometimes he went to off-stie stuff and part of me is praying he’s off-site.) He’s at the Pentagon. I try to call his cell phone and get no response….I panic. I go back and watch in horror as the reports come in. Since our offices were near Oak Ridge, they let us go home…if we wanted. I went home…on the way home, my mom calls. Dad is OK, but he can’t call anyone. He left his cell phone at home.

    I was only out of the loop a few hours…I cannot imagine what it was like for families who didn’t know for days…

    I saw and watched all the rest of the day at home ,numb. At some point, I stuck in an old Dr Who video just to stop thinking about it for a while. I remember the sense of panic as rumors flew about more planes, attacks, etc. I remember seeing Bush come on and address the nation. I remember wishing we could just nuke all the countires that might have done this. I remember praying a lot. I remember the service the next night at church, hodling hands in prayer.

  4. I remember 9/11 very well….I would have been about 16 @ the time, and a friend of mine in his class had his mom in the WTC just after first plane hit… was mindnumbing, that I can remember. Sorry to visit on so traumatic a note, but I is hopink that you are having a good week so far! *muah* take care!

  5. I can understand completely about the PDA thing. Lol. Most of the (few) friends I have use their cell phone as their PDA. Lol, luckily for me, I’ll never get a cell. HAHAH! I talk too much … too expensive! I might get a lil’ pager though for Kris and I. Shoot, I’ll be lucky if I can get one though because they just don’t sell pagers like they used to. It’s getting waaayyy out of style!

  6. Hey John, I remember where I was when it happened. It’s kind of freaky story too.

    Me and my-then-wife had just came back from a trip from Sarasota, Florida the night before. I remember going downstairs for some coffee and clicked on the TV. That was when they were showing the pictures. I remember the news channels were relentless in showing the same images over and over again.

    The freaky thing was that later I discovered that some of those terrorists had been training at a flying school in Sarasota. I felt creepy all over my body.

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