Bible fun

Yesterday at church we got into a friendly debate about names. And well, the consensus was that I had to see who’s name was more in the bible David’s or mine… well Jason kind of assigned it to me since he is just too lazy to do it himself 😉

I stand just not corrected but HUMBLED. Here are the stats

David 875 times (clear winner)
John 126 times (not to shabby)
Michael 14 times (surprising)
Jason 5 times (should have done this so you could inflate the nubmers)

during my search I found a couple of other intersting things I did not know about the bible, this site was kind of interesting just as a read BIBLE WORD COUNTS AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS but I thought that this little bit was kind of cool… In comparing the New Testament to the Old Testament, a striking feature is that truth, love, peace, mercy and forgiveness are much more common. Also found King James Bible Statistics to be cool to look at.

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