Yesterday marked the first anniversary with my current employer. This year has really flown by, but that along with the question from yesterday’s meme about what I would whisper to myself if I could go back in time, put me in a retrospective mood.

Humans by nature reject change; I seem to do pretty well with it. I moved to the U.S. when I was 16 and that was a huge change. I did not know the language, did not have any friends, did not have any money of my own and felt very much alone. It was a difficult adjustment because back then there was no Internet, so I had no contact with my old friends except for 2 letters I received.

I learned English, went to school, made a good friend there, got a job and just lived through the whole ordeal. But I was able to manage change. Looking back this was a change for the better because in America I had a lot more opportunities available to me than I did back in Colombia.

About a year ago the decision was made to take this job in Michigan and move from Chicago, which had been my hometown in the US for 10 years. Again, leaving everything behind I moved up here… only this time I left my family behind in Chicago. A lot of you do not know this and I had waited until all the legal stuff was final, which it is now, but something else that was changed in this process was my marriage. I was married when I first came to Michigan, I will probably not talk about it here ever because it really involves 2 people and unless you have both points of view, I don’t think its fair. I thought I was coming here to start a family and it was hard when that dream ended.

Now things are all settled, I am staying in Michigan at least for now. I have done a lot more changing; I have been born again, and started a new path in my life. The cool thing is that I do not feel alone, for the first time in my life I do not feel alone. Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends, but sometimes even with all of them around me, I would still feel alone. Now that I am a Christian I feel that positive presence in my life always.

But enough about me, I want to hear about you… what would you consider the biggest change in your life? Or if you have not had something like that happen, what would you like to change in your life right now?

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  1. I have to say first off that I so respect you for not talking about your ex on here without both sides of the story. It takes a strong person to do that. Secondly, the biggest change in my life was when I met Jesus and accepted Him into my life. I was headed on the wrong road. I was an unwed, single mother not living my life right and I met the man soon to be my husband who took me to church and introduced me to God. God bless you Logtar and now TAG you are it hehe

  2. Hmm…feeling kinda out of place here…I am just amazed to read your comments about changes you people have gone through…all of you made it through! Well, by God’s strength of course! 😉

    Honestly, I am the kind who does not like too many changes. I don’t adapt to changes that easily…and kind of resistant to it. This is the very reason stagnant growth of my Spiritual maturity and other areas of my life. It is something that I need to change. It’s usually hard for me to take a leap of faith, and I has let my insecurity overshadowed my enthusiasm for the Lord.

    Oh well…it is good to hear from people who know me…that I have the potential to serve Him. And yes, I’ve been dealing with this weakness now, slowly walking away from my “hermit-crab” life and into the ocean of uncertainty…fully dependent on God. I have to shift from my attitude of timidity, perfectionist mindset etc, and to focus on Him my perfector of my faith. Only He can fully bring out my potential, for His strength works best in my weaknesses.

    Well…gotta walk my talk…God bless you!


  3. This is an amazing post. Kudos to you for not talking about your ex, that takes a lot of strength.

    My biggest change also has to do with changing cities, and losing someone I thought I knew. It really opened my eyes to how I tried to change myself to ‘fit’ in with the people in my life. The fresh city and my new and painful singleness threw everything into sharp relief. As much as I needed the change, I don’t wish what brought it on anyone.

  4. Hey John… I’d like to thank you for the post you put up in my journal. I really needed to hear something like that and I was really getting down for awhile. Hopefully things will start to look up… Your love and support is appreciated.
    All the best.

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