The drive back (the Taco hell story)

Well today I finished up my 4 day weekend :) yea I got Friday off to take care of some business. So I am driving back and I get that hunger that is not so much I want food but I need food or the body will just shut down. My stomach was not growling but just being like, bring it on, gas station hot dogs I can take it. Thankfully I got talked out of that… but was the alternative better…

So I see an exit with several eating options and my adventure begins. Fill up at a Speedway and nature is calling, but I just pay quick and say what the heck, I will go pee when I get to the restaurant that I chose. So there is a burger joint and it says Cheeseburgers 55c, I am like, ok lets snack on some of those. After turning into the parking lot, the burger place seems to have been close for a year. So I look ahead and across the parking lot there is a Taco Bell. My stomach is like, dude I got this.

Now we have to give a little background before continuing. I am of Hispanic descent. So I know what good Mexican food taste likes, having had home cooked meals by actual Mexican friends. I know that authentic food does not come from a place that used to have a talking Chihuahua for a spokesperson.

So I enter, nature is still calling. Go to the bathroom and its looked and even though I am in somewhat of a rural area it has the inner city LOCKED feel to it. So I go up to the counter and ask if you need keys to go to the bathroom.

*for those of you that have never had the pleasure. In some inner city fast food restaurants you need keys to get into their facilities. Heck in Detroit I went to a Wendy’s that had a buzzard controlled entrance*

So I continue, to look at the lady behind the counter. She replies with a lazy (which should have been my first clue) someone must be in there. I sit there for 5 minutes and no one comes out. While waiting I observe that there is an unusual number of people in line, it was close to lunch time but really not that close, it was around 2PM. Upon further observation I notice that this people are not waiting in line for their order to be taken by lazy girl but actually waiting for the food.

So 5.01 happens and I am like forget this. I look outside and within walking distance there is a gas station. So I set on the quest for the open bathroom. This one could take up a post of its own but I will summarize. I followed the sign inside the gas station to the bathroom, and it said BIG ARROW, restrooms/laundry… I am thinking to myself, they might have a carwash and need to wash rags or something… but upon my nose smelling detergent… I am like NO WAY, there is a LAUNDRYMAT attached to the gas station. At this point I really have to pee so I just go into the bathroom which by the way was open and unoccupied and do my business. I do start feeling like I am in some bad episode of the twilight zone.

I should have by this point just given up on the idea of eating Taco Bell, but I was like, I just want to get back on the road. So I enter the Taco Bell and there is no line for my order to be taken… but there is still about 4 people waiting for their food. Not sure why they were not taking a sit, but whatever. So lazy girl takes my order. I wanted 2 double-decker tacos a new potato cheese concoction and an Apple empanada. Ah almost forgot a drink. I paid, and I knew I would have to wait, so I filled up my drink and found a table.

I sit down and I start analyzing this operation. You see, I worked at McD’s for almost 3 years during high school and even a couple of months into college, I am aware of how fast food restaurants work. I then notice that they have 3 people working the drive thru and only 2 the front counter. One from each sub team is taking care of taking orders, the others are food preparers. While I sit and wait for my food I see lazy girl coming into the lobby… sure I acknowledge that there are no people waiting for their orders to be taken but HELLO there are 4 people waiting for their food.

Suddenly I start to overhear a conversation. I look over and an elderly women sporting a taco bell t-shirt and a hairnet. This lady is saying how she works 6 days in a row this week so she is not doing a thing. She is not even cleaning the lobby. And she continues to sip on her drink (I am amusing she is on her break or something).

I still have not heard my name being called but I noticed that there is only a couple of people waiting now and one of them I did not see before so I assume he came in after me. So I walk to the counter and my order is there. Just grabbed my stuff and I did not complain at all. Now here is my RANT :mad

*more background. I hear people complain about how in some fast food joints there are always people with limited English knowledge and how thanks to that occasionally an order is wrong. People give the speech that you are in America and you should learn English, which by the way I agree with but do not go to the extreme about*

Now, I am opening my taco and I am glad that I left my camera phone in the car, I would not want to make you look at this horrible thing. Still my mind is like dude, put hot sauce on it and just continue. Now mind you, there are PICTURES on how to build the tacos and how the taco is supposed to look… I know I worked at McDonalds, I know, I also see the glossy laminated pictures all over the walls. This thing was not a double-decker taco.

A double-decker taco has beans in between the soft-shell and the hard-shell taco to hold them together, then the inside is just a regular taco. I ordered mine supreme, so it was supposed to have tomatoes and sour cream in addition to the lettuce and cheese. Now this thing had about a table spoon on beans in the center of the taco, and it was barely holding a tortilla that looked more like a napkin… then I am looking and no tomatoes, but after looking a little harder, there were tomatoes is just that they blended with the lettuce because they were not quite ripe. So I looked at the potato cheese thing for maybe some redemption, but I missed fired on ordering that too… it seems like I was the only person interested on that because it looked like it was made some time 4 hours ago. I filled the tacos with fire sauce and just ate it.

Now, I understand why people want to have someone behind the counter that speaks English, but you know what, the hard immigrant workers that I have gotten food from in other restaurants made my food ingestible. Lazy girl and co got my order right but they just did not know how to make a taco, I am sure the Chihuahua came to visit this restaurant and just dropped dead after seeing this atrocity.

Now I do have to admit that the apple empanada was good, but that came pre-made and they just had to bake it. So a couple of point to lazy girl and co for getting that right… I still feel like I visited taco hell though.

4 comments on “The drive back (the Taco hell story)

  1. Glad you’re back…..everything is fine here.

    Sorry about Taco Hell – I haven’t been back since they changed the menu. They killed the one value meal I liked….

  2. Wow! What a pisser! Just a few of the reasons why I stay away from fast food places unless absolutely necessary and unavoidable!

  3. that is a pretty funny story. I hate it when the order is wrong or just not done right. Esp. when I am so HUNGRY. i am so excited to get my food and it comes out wrong, or made to look like some put it in a blender or it is COLD. Hope your day is a great one hehe.

  4. There are WAY too many of these lazy girls working in fast food restaurants this day and age…..makes you wonder who’s running the joint and if they even care if they lose all their customers. Some of those people act like they’re working for free or something and they’re doing US a favor by serving us. Lack of education I guess. So you’re from Saginaw??? Oh my…..No, I didn’t know that. About the Chicago trip; we had a good time; didn’t get to read your post before leaving but I’m sure we’ll be back within a few months. We did visit the Woodland Mall and the Navy Pier. There’s so much to do. We didn’t even get to the Lincoln Park Zoo, but next time we will. Have a great week!! =)

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