Chicago Visit

Well, I am having an excellent time in Chicago. Took care of the business I came to take care off, and then just seem to have spent the whole day eating. I went to Las Tablas for lunch, then to pick up my best friend and then out for ice cream. Spent most of the afternoon just catching up on his visit to the motherland. When he got hungry we went out to my favorite restaurant Yu’s for chinesse… so more food.

We wanted to go to the show, but I robot which was the only movie that we wanted to watch did not start until real late… so just hanged out at the parking lot of the theater and chatted some more. Then he got tired (party pooper) LOL just kidding, and I ended up waiting for another good friend Bill, that was going to let me use his second bike… he had taken his kids out to the drive in… but as soon as he was done I got a text message. From then on it was riding until 4:00 AM :) Got to catch up with some other buddies downtown and just did a lot of riding. So it is going to be a hard day to top… but today is looking awesome too. Gonna go visit Sho at her new condo (I wanted to help paint, but kind of overslept) and then to catch up with my best friend again. Check out the moblog for pics 😉

3 comments on “Chicago Visit

  1. Too bad your B-friend is such a party pooper….man i hate people like that…:)

  2. Well man as i wish i could have been there to meet up with you but alas still out on this island. I am still trying to figure out why in the hell i cant make my own blog here in Haiti but ah well keep on keeping on

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