Memories of My Mom

I love my parents very much, but my Mom was a stay at home Mom and I have a lot of good childhood memories with her. She was a very young mother, she had me when she was only 16-17. But she was very inventive person to deal with a kid like me. Not that I was a bad kid, but I did have a mischevious nature.

One of my funny memories has to do with just her playful nature. She used to ask me as a little kid if I wanted a wrist watch, I would be like yea… then she would grab my arm and bite my wrist, not hard or anything but just enough to leave little teeth marks. That used to crack me up as a kid. She had very interesting ways of entertaining me.

Another memory that was brought on by the meme that I posted today was her lie detector. I have a red birthmark in the middle of my forhead. So she told me as a kid, that if I ever lied, that mark will start to blink. So any time that I was going to say something that was not entirely true I would cover my forehead… how clever I was… LOL.

My Mom is a gorgeous women, and I used to be very jelous of anyone wanted to talk to her. Even as a kid if we were walking down the street hand in hand and someone said anything I would want to just run and beat the up, mind you this is like a 6 year old doing this. Always been very protective of her. Now as a grown up she is still as beautiful and full of youth. A couple of years ago we were at the store doing some shopping, and I am walking beside her, the sales lady asks her if she wants to buy something, and she replied no thanks… the the lady looks at me and tells her, have your husband buy it for you… She is like, sorry that’s my son. We both chuckled.

Week 33

Today, August 25th is Healthy Lifestyles Day! But!! (or should I say “butt”! lol) …we’re all crazy here, and so we’re opting for the holiday of Thursday, August 26th which is: Toilet Paper Day!!! Yeah, much more our style here at BDInsanity!!
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Oath Ceremony

It is a pleasure for me to announce that I will soon complete the last step on becoming a US citizen. I got the appointment letter for the Oath ceremony for Sept 17th. Cannot wait to get my voter registration card.