Friday the 27th

Darn it, it was almost the 26th and I could have been like, hey is that double the 13th so is it like double supersticions. But enough with that, today the movie Hero is released on theaters. I sad GO WATCH IT NOW…. go buy a ticket online.

This weekend should be a blast, there is so much to do and I do not know what to pick. I would like to go see like 3 or 4 movies, but I also want to go see an expo of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The church is moving some things out of storage and I would like to go and help. Cannot forget to find out the details for that tonight.

So I think tonight a movie night is on the way, and then tomorrow we’ll see… I also need to do something about coming up with a workout schedule because I have been neglecting that, and I should not. I need to watch my Cholesterol. So come on, I want to know what everyone’s plans for the weekend are.

4 comments on “Friday the 27th

  1. Plands for the weekend…READY GO>>>>>>>Did yoga at 4PM< had dinner with my parents at 6:30PM, catching up on blogs, going to watch a video at 9. Feeding my brother's girlfriend's cats tomorrow and Sunday, sitting in the sun and reading a book, taking my pooch to the doggie park so she can swin, finishing cleaning out the "spare" room, having brunch with my husband sun (he is otherwise working all weekend), babysitting saturday night, not sure about sunday night yet, but probably doing yoga again sunday morning.

  2. HEY?!?! What happened to the rest of my post? Aww now what I am doing is a mystery. Suffice it to say I am doing too much.

  3. Work..Work…Work.. Close on a condo on friday. Finished picking out wallpaper and paint colors (now up to 10) on saturday and did a little painting. Sunday did 6 hrs of painting after church and lunch.

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