::Cool, blue mornings::

Onesome: Cool– Well, summer is almost gone (except for those Down Under who are expecting it soon), and the cooler weather is coming. …and other than those who live in places like Hawai’i, things are about to change. Which do you prefer, the coolness of Winter where you live or the warmth of your Summer?

Summer, I grew up in a tropical country where we have eternal summer. GIVE ME HEAT.

Twosome: Blue– Today’s softball: blue or green? Pick one! …okay, if it’s a tie (high or low), what color do you prefer for decorating or accents?

Green is my fav, but I love blue for decorating… or rather to fill spacesw with. Like the futton I have is blue, a lot of my glasses are blue, etc. Cobalt Blue.

Threesome: Mornings– Mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights… What’s your favorite time of day? …and what makes it so for you?

Morning person all the way, the earlier the better… more of the day to enjoy cuz I love the sunshine… which reminds me winter is coming and I will see hess sun :(

2 comments on “::Cool, blue mornings::

  1. here comes the sun la da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaa – here comes the sun and i say its alrightttttttttttt *sung in best ringo voice hehehe

  2. Onesome: I’d rather live in the warmth of the summer. I’m from a sub-tropical climate so even winters don’t really feel like winter. The coldest it gets is maybe 40-50 degrees.

    Twosome: I prefer blue for accents. I can’t help it. Ironically, forest green and lavender are my fave colors, but I can’t decorate my house with them. It just doesn’t feel right.

    Threesome: I am also a morning person like yourself. I like the mornings because I like the smell of the coolness of the morning along with the sunshine. I also like the birds that talk in the morning. Kris on the other hand is a night person.

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