Week 33

Today, August 25th is Healthy Lifestyles Day! But!! (or should I say “butt”! lol) …we’re all crazy here, and so we’re opting for the holiday of Thursday, August 26th which is: Toilet Paper Day!!! Yeah, much more our style here at BDInsanity!!

Toilet Paper Day is in observance of the invention of toilet paper in China, in the year 580! Here’s the warm-up! Using the word T I S S U E, tell us what “crap” is annoying you today!!

Tardiness. I do not like being late.
Interference of work with my blogging and chatting LOL.
Sun on my eyes on the way to work. Need to find my sunglasses.
Spilling the water I was drinking on my shirt… it was just the last sip.
Unscheduled meeting where I existed with even more work :) but i like being busy though.
End of the Olympics approaching and me not watching enough of them.

All set?? Let’s move on to hump it up you cwazy loons! A little ‘getting to know you’ humpin’ action!

1. If you were to nominate a celebrity (or their screen character) to the Presidency, who it would it be and why?
Will Smith, doesn’t he want to be president. I would like to see him become president.

2. If your best talent were an Olympic event, what it would be? Instead of a gold medal, what would first prize be?
Making people laugh, I will get the golden rubber chicken.

3. If you had a warning light on your forehead what would it warn people of if it were flashing?
This is actually a funny story. I do have a warning light on my forehead. I will have to elaborate on this on another post… today of course.

4. You live in a cage…what are you? Do they ever let you out?
I am a Tiger, and sure they let me out into my private pool.

5. Scientists have discovered a way to bottle the essence of you. What does it smell like?
Well, this is a weird question… should this be my favorte smell… I saw like warm bread on a spring morning.

There it is, the Wednesday Mind Hump, brought to you by those loooonatic staffers here at BDI! Have a great Wednesday!

Love & Huggles,
Dee, Friday, Sabra, Bliffy, Reesa, Andrea and Kelly

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