Oath Ceremony

It is a pleasure for me to announce that I will soon complete the last step on becoming a US citizen. I got the appointment letter for the Oath ceremony for Sept 17th. Cannot wait to get my voter registration card.

10 Responses to Oath Ceremony

  1. Very cool! Congrads :) Who are you voting for?

  2. congratulations! thats great :)

  3. Congratulations to you! And might i add the real choice to vote for this year is the Kirk/Spock ticket…

  4. I’ll keep this short… yay! =)

  5. Yay!!! Congratulations!!

  6. Good for you! I’m still waiting for the Canadian Government to call me to take my Citizenship test. Turns out, the guy downstairs applied at the same time, so we’re already planning a Citizenship party, he he he!

  7. How awesome John! I knew you were from another country, but I thought you just meant your nationality and not your actual origin! Congrads! Make sure to post that when you get it!

  8. that is so COOL!!!!! Congrats, fellow citizen-to-be!!!

  9. Awesome!! Congratulations!! *hugs*

  10. nice.. where are u from?

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