Week 21

Top 40 music you either love it or you hate it. That’s what we’re mamboing about this week guys.
The dancing dude is back and he’s ready for some Mambo action. Are you?

Let’s get started with this. Tell us your feelings about top 40 music, using the letters
T-O-P F-O-R-T-Y.
Tell us why you love it. Tell us why you hate it. Tell us anything you think we might want to know about it. Go ahead, you can do it!

Totally love to listen to top 40
On a good day I will get sick of 40 songs at the same time
Pain filled repetition of the same 40 songs
Flying down the highway listening to top 40
Ordinary music is not top 40
Rarely do I not hear a song over and over
Trying to figure out if I love it or hate it
Yes I do like it, but it does get repetitive

Now it’s time to really get down and mambo.

1. What song from the recent top 40 charts is your favorite? (Recent being that last 6 or so months)
I really liked the song by Los Lonely Boys, Heaven.

2. Do you thing that most songs in the top 40 are overplayed or not? Tell us why you feel that way.
Yes, depending on the radio station it can be horrible. But for the most part they are overplayed. Top 40 really made me dislike nickelback a lot.

3. What band do you think most deserves a top 40 hit, but hasn’t had one yet, or hasn’t had one in a very long time?
This is hard, because I do not think that top 40 is the goal of some of the bands I listen to that are not already there. A couple of Christian hits on the top 40 would not be too bad.

4. In the recent past, Top 40 was mostly rock/pop music. How do you feel about the inclusion of other genres into this grouping?
I think it should be open to all kinds of music.

5. Radio airplay helps to determine how well a single or album sells. Do you think that listeners should have more input into what radio stations play?
Absolutely, but it is kind of hard to do.

Post your answers on your blog or in the comments section. If you post them on your blog, be sure to leave a comment so we’ll know you’re Mamboing! Remember it doesn’t have to be Monday to mambo. Mamboing is fun on any day you choose.

So from all of us Mamboer’s here at BDI to you….Mambo like you really mean it!

Many Hugs and Loads of Love

Dee, Friday, Sabra, Bliffy, Reesa, Andrea and Kelly


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