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Week 13 – What’s Old is New Again
Remakes – we see them more and more frequently. Taking an old movie and completely reshooting it with a new cast, new effects, new styles and even new genres can be a hit or miss proposition. This summer we’ve seen several remakes already, from The Stepword Wives to The Manchurian Candidate, plus there’s even an Alfie remake in production.

1) What is your favorite remake of an older film? Did it actually improve on the original?
I am really ashamend to admit that I do not know much about older films. I have never seen Casablanca or Gone with the Wind if you can believe that. That said, I think Oceans 11 is a awesome movie and I know it was a remake. Also Gone in 60 seconds.

2) What remake was handled so poorly even if the original was not great it would’ve seemed Oscar-worthy?
Again, I wish I knew more about this topic. I know the nutty professor was a more serious movie than what the remake was but I have only caught bits and pieces. Also Wild Wild West… wow Will Smith almost ruined his career there.

3) Are there any classic films you feel would cause the fabric of space/time to rip apart were a remake made of it?
I was just thinking about guess who is coming to dinner. I watched this film a couple of years ago for the first time and I am not sure how a remake would be handled. Also one of the big classics I mentioned above.

BONUS) What film would you most like to see remade, and what would be your dream cast?

I would like to see a remake of firestarter with current technology, and a deeper look in the institute.

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