Key to happiness…?

“Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something
to love, and something to hope for.”
— Joseph Addison

Seems simple enough right, if you have those three things you have the essentials to happiness. From a Christian point of view, Jesus provides all three. You live a Christian life (something to do), you love Jesus because Jesus loves you (Something to love), and you hope for eternal life… even though once you are born again you have eternal life pretty much locked. So Christianity can be the ticket to happiness. Definetly a way to look at it.

Now what about marriage? Something to do, the best husband or wife you can be, something to love, your spouse of course, and then finally something to hope for… a life of extraordinary moments with each other. So marriage can also be the key to happiness.

*Please don’t rant, state your opinion I am not saying that to be happy you have to be Christian or Married, I am just stating what I believe, not telling you what to do. So if you feel different use the comments(it is encouraged), don’t rant against my point of view… its futile (I’m always right) 😉

So… homework, what other things can we apply this three essentials to? do you have the three essentials already? do you believe in happiness?

4 comments on “Key to happiness…?

  1. How bout children? Something to do, be the best parent you can be, something to love, your children, something to hope for, them being the best godly people and growing to have wonderful lives of their own with something to do, love and hope for! Thanks for stopping by and let me know when you see those 2 movies. God bless!

  2. Hi Hun!! Just stopping through. Boy, I’ve missed you! I hope all is going well. I know you said you wanted to talk to me, so I provided my email address…feel free to email me anytime. *smile*

    Hope to be back soon, though. Training is going supurb! I should be up and running on the 27th of this month.

    Have lots and lots to talk about and post. Hopefully, I’ll get to writing about it soon…

    Anywho – love ya lots!! Here are some big ol’ *bear hugs* for you…

  3. I have the Christian walk and I was married (legally still am, but come Friday…well, that will be over). The whole marraige thing didn’t work out…but then again it takes to two to make it fail and we both screwed it up big time.

  4. Something to do = be the best person you can be and lead the best life you can, Christian or otherwise. Someone to love = yourself — too many people do not love themselves and you cannot love others. Something to hope for = the best life possible for you and the ones you love.

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