Do you play chess?

I have played chess since I was little, my Grandpa taught me. Ever since I have liked it, never been excellent at it, but I can move the peices around :) I play online once in a while… so do you think you can beat me?

Of the places that I play at, yahoo chess etc this website I like best. Registration is free, and you can play games there without ever paying, but if you do, you have a whole bunch of stuff available. What I like best is that is developed by a bunch of guys that love the game. Its not fancy, it is not 3D but I love playing there.

Check it out and me and you can play a game. Click here to enter

6 comments on “Do you play chess?

  1. it’s ok you can play and win all you want, il just watch and cheer you on complete with pompons because i don’t know how to play LOL

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