Saturday Posting

I have not posted on a Saturday in a long time. I still have no plans but going to the movies and seeying Catwoman and the Bourne Supremacy sounds like a plan.

There is also some kind of pig festival going on at Bay City with pig races and such, might be fun to go take some pictures over there. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see… but probably what happens when you have too many plans you end up doing nothing. Back to cleaning 😛

8 comments on “Saturday Posting

  1. Hey John! Hey, I saw the Bourne Supremacy. It kicks A$$. As far as Catwoman, well, it looked cheesy. I just cannot see Halle Berry as Catwoman. I think it’s a tit-flick.

  2. Bourne did kick ass. Jason Bourne / David Webb is THE MAN! But it was kind of like that cartoon Spy Vs Spy (with the white and black spies trying to kill each other). Other than the woman (what’s her name) continually being surprised by Bourne watching her from the end of his rifle, it wasn’t half bad. I mean come on, all those resources and he sees her through an open window. That was the only part I thought was a little cheezy.

  3. I saw Catwoman also. It was really a titty flick! You get to see some fine ass with a whip and showing some melons. It kind of reminded me of a bad episode of Batman on TV. It was fun if that’s what you were in the mood for.

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  5. Saw Catwoman while in PA and gotta say I wasn’t impressed. Not a big Halle Berry fan and I think it was just a vehicle to make her look sexy or something. Just didn’t do a thing for me.

  6. So how was bourne and catwoman? let me know. I have been wanting to see them but have not yet b/c i have not heard anything bout them.

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