“Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is usually more important
than the outcome. Not everyone can be Number 1.”
— Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.

Most of the time, the quote that I choose I agree with completely. The quote from this tennis player though does not satisfy me because of the last part. Sure we cannot all be number one, but I think striving for it is not wrong either.

“Success is a journey not a destination.” This makes me thing that I should think about life in a retrospective matter, which I already to, and see al the good and success that I have had. Sure I still have goals and I still strive for greatness but I do not forget about the journey and everything that I am accomplishing on a daily basis.

“The doing is usually more important than the outcome.” I also could not agree with this more, I even take it a step further than not just usually but most of the time the doing is the important part.

So, what is your take on success? Do you see past experiences as successes now because you have lived? Are you retrospective when looking at success? or Do you only embrace the accomplishment?

5 comments on “Success

  1. I think if you look at that last part he’s trying to convey the be the best that “you” can be…even if it’s not number one. Too much emphasis is placed on people to be number one. That’s why the world is full of so many stressed out…overworked people running around trying to acheive an imaginery goal and one that might very likely be unobtainable.

    The guy had a good message to pass on methinks. Have a great weekend :)

  2. I have a hard time giving myself enough credit in general. My take on success if that I generally tend to embrace anaccomplishment at the time but when I look back on it later I often feel that it was not as much of a success as I felt at the time.

    I do agree that people need to spend more time enjoying the journey and less time worried about the goal. Id on’t think people should live their lives goal to goal but rather have a series of evolving goals, so that you are at different stages of working towards accomplishment on each one at any given time.

    Sometimes the hardest part of having a goal is realizing that it is not really a goal for you any more and letting go without feeling failure. You can only fail if you do not try. If you evolve out of a goal before you reach it – I think you have still succeeded because you have lived the journey along the way.

  3. SUccess is achieved; therefore the process of achieving is called a success if it is successfull! I think this quote is ment to encourage those people that WORK so hard yet they don’t get to the TOP.. however they do improve and get better; yet they don’t achieve the stage of which I call Excellence. There is nothing wrong with working ur ass off to achieve success on higher level , but we always have to note one thing is to SET Realistic Goals!

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